Jung II-woo Celebrates his Success in the Theater with Fans

March 2010

Ilwoostory Fan Club and DCInside Jung II woo treated Jung II-woo and the actors of the play with food and dessert.  Also the fans that attended the play on March 14th got Jung II-woo treats as DCInside celebrated the Third Anniversary of its Fan Club. On this post you will see photos of all these events first.

There was a Question and Answer Session at some point and I found a couple of gorgeous photos and a video of that.  I included them second.  Third but not least I included a great interview of Jung II-woo at this time from Weekly Hanyang News.  It’s really good!

Ilwoostory treated Jung II-woo and the cast of Beautiful Sunday to a beautiful cake.  It had 62 on it, as that was the number of shows they did!  Amazing!  Here are the photos. Cr. Ilwoostory

2010 2 JIW Theater Treats 1.jpg2010 2 JIW Theater Treats 2.jpg]2010 2 JIW Theater Treats 42010 2 JIW Theater Treats 52010 2 JIW Theater Treats 7

and flowers:

2010 2 JIW Theater Treats 82010 2 JIW Theater Treats 92010 2 JIW Theater Treats 10


DCInside, had its own celebration day on March 14th, 2010.  They celebrated the Third year of Jung II-woo’s DCInside Fan Club and they treated all fans who attended the play on that day to lollipops! They also treated Jung II-woo and the cast to food and treats! They had a banner and a special interview/ question session with Jung II-woo!








This is the video that goes with the previous images:

Oh!!!  not a black overcoat!  Please no! So gorgeous!!! Mercy…!!!  I’m dead!  The rest was posted by my ghost!

I also found these other photos via Soompi and DCIlwoo!






And this is the interview…


The stage of the challenge Beautiful Sunday

Weekly Hanyang News Interview | 2010.02.17

Through Hanyang Repertoire Theater, Jeong Il who goes up to the theater stage for the first time.

“I want to make a moment when my heart grows through acting”

What kind of challenge do you dream of Hanyang in 2010 New Year? Everyone will cherish this holiday carefully for each dream. There is a person who presented a challenge towards a dream earlier than anyone else here. It is our college student and actor Jung Il (Department of Arts, Theatrical Movie 1). This year Chung will play a leading role in theater ‘Beautiful Sunday’. Meanwhile, theater is a new challenge to Chung who has seen diverse forms through movies and dramas. Theater planned and produced by the theater company Hanyang Repertory will be performed at the Hanyang Repertory Theater on the University Road (Tehanno) from 4th to 28th of this month. Weekly Hanyang tried Chung · Il who was to challenge the first drama of his life for the first time. Let’s listen to his trembling stories of acting and creating a moment of excitement.

It seems that feelings are new as it is the first drama challenge. Let me hear the opportunity and impression of the cast.

I always want to try new things. Actors often learn through challenges. Professor Choi Hyung-in, acting teacher recommended me to play theater ‘Beautiful Sunday’. I decided to stand on the stage of ‘Beautiful Sunday’ without giving me a chance to learn a lot by receiving director’s instruction directly from my teacher. I was shocked and worried that I would appear in theater for the first time with movies and dramas only. Challenging theater and going to the theater, there were many difficulties. However, there are many parts to learn and develop through theater. I believe that this challenge has a new leap opportunity for me.

This theater is planned and produced by the theater company ‘Hanyang repertoire’. Please introduce Hanyang repertoire briefly to Hanyang University students.

Professor Choi Hyun-in, our school called by the best star-style teacher of this era, is the manager of the Hanyang Repertoire Theater. Hanyang Repertoire Theater is famous as an actor-centered theater company that has released stars such as Sol Kyung, Kwon Hee-hyo, Park Kwang-jong, Lee Moon Shik. I am also growing through Hanyang repertoire. Hanyang repertoire is a space that allows me to perform in front of the audience. Helps to advance even more as an actor by providing time for Jeong Il to become the main character ‘Lee Jung Seok’.

It can be thought of as having difficulties only for the first time theater, but there are special difficulties.

It is the hardest that only three actors have to proceed live for about 1 hour and 30 minutes. Dramas and movies have cuts for each scene, but plays are not so. It is hard to keep acting with other actors without breathing. It is also awkward that the gaze of spectators who are not cameras is headed to me. ‘Lee Jun Suk’ is a character that I have to accomplish acting just like I took on other roles. It is not necessarily difficult because it is a gay role. To act different character character from my life is as hard as playing other roles each time. I am acting with the thought of thinking and studying while thinking, becoming a person named ‘Lee Jun Suk’ who is suffering from AIDS in gay.

What is the message the play ‘Beautiful Sunday’ gives to the audience.

This theater dealt with the cure and the opposite sex, dealing with the healing of modern people’s solitude and love. Love of the same sex and love of opposite sex, these two are not different. ‘Beautiful Sunday’ presents message that love exists anywhere and in any form and is beautiful. Personally in the play there are lines in the play “Anyone who loves … no problem in trouble …” in memory. Human love I think is ‘frankness’. People who have the courage to be able to be honest even by themselves or even the opponent can feel and know what true love is.

Who prepared the theater and gave the greatest help?

The one who gave the most direct and great help is Professor Che Hy Hyin in our school. I was able to appear on this time ‘Beautiful Sunday’ with my teacher ‘s recommendation, and I am studying a lot by direct acting guidance. Giving me such a good opportunity, I thank my professor who gives me many teachings. From professor to something, what is acting, what is acting, gained an important time to think and think about ‘I’ in advance. Become an actor who constantly strives. Enthusiastically to be a further actor the professor desires.

What do you think about other actors who appear together on ‘Beautiful Sunday’?

To play with the seniors who are so wonderful is a great pleasure for me to learn. Facts There are not many cases when I worked with a senior at school. In the case like this play this is the first genre I challenge for the first time so it is still often insufficient. For this reason my seniors give me a lot of advice and consideration. I deeply thank you, I also do my best, practicing and practicing again. In the case of Jang Jun-ni, Kim Sonna-senpai, she appeared in ‘Beautiful Sunday’ last year. I think that today’s ‘Beautiful Sunday’ can be done thanks to the senior who made a fine performance in advance. Of course there is a burden, but I am eager to not disappoint the expectations of many people.

Unlike dramas and movies, what can you feel with just theater?

Dramas and movies can be taken again if they get bad. However in the theater it is truly fascinating to communicate with the audience and express subtle emotional changes that I feel instantaneously for the moment without filtration. In fact, I have a scene where I dance and sing in the play though there is no element in dancing and singing. It got me trying not to be a very burdensome thing. Although I can not do it well, I will do my best and I will dance with songs, so many people wish to come and see. I’d like to be ‘Lee Jun Suk’ who can approach closer to the audience. Meanwhile, a friend who is called ‘Lee Jun Suk’ will join Jeong Il who the audience watched as a role of others, and you will see a character that you can breathe with the audience feeling.

There are a number of universities in the Department of Theater Films, but I am concerned about the reason why I chose Hanyang University.

Hanyang University has a lot of fine seniors. First of all, in order to acknowledge a fine master like Professor Cho Hyung-in, we decided to come to our school. The advantage of Hanyang Great Plays movie department is that you can learn theater and movies together. Unlike other universities where these two departments are separate, it is most attractive that you can study all 2 fields if you wish. If you are trying to learn acting as an actor, you should negotiate plays and movies.

Is it difficult if you try to combine academic activities and acting activities?

Work is also study, study is work, so I do not separate work and study. It is my burden not to bear a burden because it is my profession of being placed on the extension line of study of the theatrical movie department. Of course it is hard to have time to share the schedule, but I am trying hard to be like what I like. It is a plan to continue frequently in order to achieve two kinds of roles, students and actors. I am trying to participate positively in school events personally. Especially bicycle delivery is one of the school events I participate every year, but I did not deliver briquettes at the end of last year. Although there seemed to be a briquette delivery event, did not I just be called at school? (Laugh) I definitely want to participate next year. Considering those who send a warm winter by me and through Hanyang people feel satisfied and filled feelings.

What do you think about an occupation actor?

I played at the time of high school, but I thought that the actor was my way against the theater. Indeed, at a young age I thought of many of the outside ones that people can see but from the beginning the table and back were quite different. However, I began to like things, and I absolutely feel no regrets when I feel happy when I work. I think that an actor ‘can throw me away’. Everyone will be responsible for various roles while living their lives, but it only holds in the framework of the person himself. But the actor can act as a completely different person, not me. Just as if you are gay ‘Lee Jun Suk’ who is not Jung Yi. It seems that it is an interesting charm of an occupation of an actor that you can add acting skills just by adding my taste to a fixed role every time.

Jung Il is concerned about the final goal of life.

The part that puts the most value while I live is exactly ‘moment’. If there is no such moment every moment is the most important so that there is no past, present and future. I see it as the value of my life is determined by what I do at this moment and how I spend with whom. I want to make lots of happy and exciting moments. I want to live while acting to the point where I can do. I think that there is no end of acting. There is something more to learn as you perform, so it seems that you have to study until the end and have to fight with me. You should make an unlimited effort to make a new person in yourself and complete that person, yet it is difficult. Become an actor that always develops. Always become a actor Jeong Il who will not forget who I am with a dream. I hope to support a lot.

Here is a little last “ñapa” (extra treat) for you:  I few GIFs I found!



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