Jung II-woo in “Take Care of the Young Lady” Episodes 2 & 3


August 19, 2009

This was the date that “Take Care of the Young Lady” aired on.

Jung II-woo plays Lee Tae-yoon, the son of a rich family, who has decided to not follow in his family business.  He is a human rights lawyer and working in a modest office, he looks to defend and represent clients who are powerless and abused by big companies.  He works alongside a close friend, Su-ho.  While trying to solve a client’s problem with Kang San Group, he arranges to go on a “matching date” with Kang Hye-na, the female lead played by Yoon Eun-hye.  For complete episode descriptions that include photos check out Drama Beans.

Watching this drama took patience. Because Jung II-woo was second lead, it took a while for him to appear in the drama (for example he is not at all in episode 1) and only appears a few times in Episode 2. It does get better by Episode 3 when he is in the screen a bit more.  But the wait is so worth it!  He looks so preppy handsome, healthy and clean!   Ready for photos?  Here they are. Cr. MBC

Episode 2


2009 JIW TKOTYL X-1.jpg

Episode 3

For some reason I love this sequence on the phone…I guess it gives me a glimpse of how Jung II-woo can be well like the rest of us… and he looks so cute!  The pout…!                   Cr. MBC & DCILWOO (이태유?)





It’s too soon to give my thoughts on this drama and Jung II-woo.  So I’ll just comment a few things, looking at these episodes.

First thing I want to comment is that I like the concept of someone like Lee Tae-yoon.  Someone who turns their back on a rich family to help those in need…how noble!  Another Robin Hood role? And second and last, the fight in the third episode brings happy memories of Yoon-ho from Unstoppable High Kick.  Sometimes Tae-yoon is a more polished preppy version of Yoon-ho!