Jung II-woo participates in the Prayer Ceremony for “Take Care of the Young lady”


August 16, 2009

Before many K-dramas are broadcast, it is a common practice to hold a Prayer  Ceremony to wish its success.  These is a video and photos of the the ceremony held for “Take Care of the Young Lady.”

I found a video of the ceremony!  It’s very interesting to watch…I wish it had captions in English!

Video Cr.  Star News


Here are the photos:   Cr. On photos.

2009 8 16 JIW Prayer Cer. TKOYL 12009 8 16 JIW Prayer Cer. TKOYL 2,52009 8 16 JIW Prayer Cer. TKOYL 22009 8 16 JIW Prayer Cer. TKOYL 32009 8 16 JIW Prayer Cer. TKOYL 42009 8 16 JIW Prayer Cer. TKOYL 52009 8 16 JIW Prayer Cer. TKOYL 614993933532009 8 16 JIW Prayer Cer. TKOYL 72009 8 16 JIW Prayer Cer. TKOYL 82009 8 16 JIW Prayer Cer. TKOYL 92009 8 16 JIW Prayer Cer. TKOYL 10



Right after the Ceremony, the cast and crew were treated by Yoon Sang-hyun fans to hot soup!  That’s right HOT soup!  During the hottest days of the year, something referred to as “sambok” days, people believe that eating a Samgyetang is really good for your health.  Remember Samgyetang from a previous post?  It is a chicken stuffed with rice and spice soup in which there is ginseng.

I am not sure if on this day Yoon Eun-hye fans also treated the crew to cold drinks and lunch.  Jung II-woo?  Jung II-woo fans were the first to treat the crew to dduk (rice cakes) and snacks earlier in the month while commemorating Ilwoo’s thousandth day in the business.

Jung II-woo in turn gave the cast and crew 150 shirts to show his gratitude.  It was a really hot summer and in Jung II-words: “In this constant heat and tight filming schedule, the ones suffering the most are the staff.  I prepared this gift with a thankful spirit as we all hope for a successful run for the drama.”

These are the photos of the Jung II-woo and Soon Sang-hyun enjoying their Samgyetang lunch.

2009 JIW Sangyetang 2.52009 JIW Sangyetang 32009 JIW Sangyetang 42009 JIW Sangyetang 52009 JIW Sangyetang 6


I thought this is quite a beautiful tradition until I watched the video and saw the pig head. Is there a need for that really…? I understand it when it happened you know like 400BCE, but in 2009?  Maybe I’m over sensitive because I just watched Okja? It upset me a lot…