Jung II-woo is a Kiss from a Rose on the Gray…

July, 2009

When I started this post, I realized I had very few photos for it.  I started playing with  photos of roses and his images to make more images. Inspired by the beauty of these photos of Jung II-woo and the roses,  I made the connection to the great song by Seal “A Kiss from a Rose.”  After listening to it, I decided to create the video you are about to enjoy.

I feel that Jung II-woo does exactly what it says on that song for me and for many of his fans:  ‘He hits a light on the gloom of the gray’ of our lives.  I feel in a deeper level we do the same for him.  He is our rose as we give him our love.  He is our pleasure (rose) but there is always the pain (thorn) of not getting to know the real Jung II-woo.

First is the video.  This video has many images and I was very excited as it is the first one where I incorporated video with content to match the lyrics of the song.  Credit to KBS2 / Star K Entertainment/on the photos for the Jung II-woo photos and the internet and creators of all the images I used!  

Enjoy a kiss from our rose… Jung II-woo:


These are the photos. I start with the images that inspired me.  Cr. KBS2 / Star K Entertainment, and on the photos.


2009 JIW Roses 1.52009 JIW Roses 22009 JIW Roses 3

This one was taken during this photo shoot as well:

2009 JIW Roses 4.jpg

And these were my photo composites with roses. In most I tried to convey the feeling of him being our rose, our light, the beauty that we want in our lives in those moments when we feel sad, angry, or just simply tired of seeing all the horrible things that happen in this world…   The First photo has another meaning …it is about how we make him our rose and he in turn needs our love and appreciation to be that rose.  Jung II-woo is very aware of this. This is why he expresses so much gratitude and kindness to his fans whenever he can….

2009 7 JIW Rose 13.jpg

2009 7 JIW R0ses 12.jpg

2009 7 JIW in Roses 1.jpg

2009 7 JIW in Roses 9.jpg

2009 7 JIW in Roses 2.jpg

2009 7 JIW in Roses 3.jpg

2009 7 JIW in Roses 6.jpg

Jung-Il-Woo Roses 4.jpg

These are the same images (from the top) just playing with black & white and color.

2009 7 JIW in Roses 7.jpg

2009 7 JIW in Roses 4

Still scrolling down?  I have a rosy bonus for you!  This is the video where I found the footage of him posing with the roses!  I love it so much…how is it that no one made a video of quality with that is beyond me!!!

Jung II-woo is after minute 4… they play with helium balloons!  It is hilarious! And then the rose photo shoot comes after…  enjoy!



Some artists are way ahead of their time or unlucky and their creations are not loved in their time.  Others take their fans love for granted… maybe in a way they are vain and only love themselves. But can an artist really feel satisfied if he does not connect with other human beings about their creation?   Jung II-woo is humble enough to know that there is a sort of symbiotic relationship between the artist and the fan.  One does not really exist without the other… it is the appreciation that completes a successful artist.

And as there is great beauty (rose), there is also potential ugliness (thorns) in this symbiotic relationship.  The artist must keep a balanced head…not loose sight of friends, family, the things that keep her/him grounded.  Not get too high on their pedestal!  A good relationship with mom usually does the trick!  In the same manner, the fan must not become obsessed, to the point of persecution of that artist. Or loose perspective of the human that the artist still is.  Fans must always remember that artists can make mistakes, they can be having a bad day, or may feel too tired to want to stop to say hi!  In many instances they are doing the best they can.  I know this is true of Jung II-woo…sometimes I think he gives too much of himself.  He is way too kind!

And…Happy Fourth USA!  Dearest Boston, thank you for giving me a safe home and the freedom to be.