Jung II-woo talks about acting, fame and the future.

March 25, 2009

I love when I can read a great article about something or someone I like.  Something that gives me more information, and comes from a reliable source.  This is a great article from asiae.co.kr, and displayed in Dramabeans.  They interviewed Jung II-woo and the questions were really good!  And it’s in English!

Here is a bit of it.   Cr. asiae.co.kr   via Dramabean’s Java beans

“I understand that Return of Iljimae is heading toward its ending. How are things progressing?

We’re filming Episode 23. There are a lot of location shoots — we’ve been to Gwangyang, and I think we’re going once more to Wan-do. Gangwondo, Jeollado, Kyungsangdo… We’ve been all over the country. Because I can’t get cell phone reception when we’re shooting deep in the mountains, there are many times I’ve just turned it off entirely, and when we get to mountain paths that won’t permit cars, I just grab some equipment and climb the mountain to go shoot. [Laughs]

Filming began on Return of Iljimae last summer. How was your first encounter with director Hwang In-roi?

He asked a lot of personal questions, like how I spend my time these days, or how my family is.

Until that point, you had been preparing for director Lee Yoon-jung’s drama Triple.

Although I hadn’t signed a contract, I had been preparing for about four months. I was cast as a short-track speed skater, so I had been training seven hours a day.

It must have been intensive training. Did you record fast times? [Laughs]

Women national athletes record one lap around the rink in about 8 seconds. I skated about a 10-second lap.

Considering that, it must seem such a waste for all the training you put into Triple when you took on Return of Iljimae instead.

Not necessarily. I think of it as something that may come in handy some day. It was a good experience.”

Want to read more?  Here!

Here are the photos.  Enjoy!       Photo Cr. asiae.co.kr.

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I want to share this with you:

Something very special happen to me yesterday.  I won…an award!  It is “The Founder’s Award” from my school.  I have seen this award go to people who are retiring, leaving or parents who have collaborated greatly with the school and are leaving.  I was not expecting it at all because I am not leaving!  In fact…I was in the bathroom when the principal started announcing it!  I will never forget that moment when I walked back to my seat…and I finally focused on what she was saying…and realized that she was talking about me!!!

 So yes…I walked up to the stage…heard many things said about me…and people stood up and clapped for me.  It was so surreal and nerve wracking!  When I was going back to my seat my students held out their hands for me to high five them and then the graduating class came to hug me…I was a complete mess by the end of that!   I think I felt a bit of what Jung II-woo feels …all that loving energy coming at you… I will say it’s very satisfying to have one’s efforts acknowledged, but it is so overwhelming!  And today looking back,  I feel a greater responsibility to be a better teacher and colleague.  I also feel so thankful and blessed…!!!

This calls for a celebrating song: