Jung II-woo…divine with a scarf!

Nothing says more of a man that can wear a scarf.  Scarfs are one of those accessories that can make you and your outfit look fantastic or a complete disaster.  Jung II-woo makes all scarfs look so good!  Any type, any way he wears them!  Photo Cr. On photos    Enjoy!!!

2009 3 JIW in Scarf 12009 3 JIW in Scarf 22009 3 JIW in Scarf 32009 3 JIW in Scarf 4


Seriously, did you take a class Jung II-woo?   His hair loose and free,  a scarf thrown in…and Wham!!!  Home run look!   If I did that I would look horrible!  My colleagues would ask… Are you OK?   You look a bit disheveled.  If my mom saw me, she would say something along the lines of  “Did you for get to stop at the comb and brush intersection this morning?!  Seriously!…