Iljimae in Love and Jung II-woo’s First “Real” on-screen kiss!

This song is performed by Yoon Jin-seo.  She is the actress that plays Dal-yi and Wol-hee in The Return of Iljimae.  I made this video trying to include all the beautiful footage of Iljimae with his beloved Dal-yi.

“Iljimae in Love” is the title of episode 4. It is one of the happier episodes in the drama The Return of Iljimae. Iljimae meets the love of his life in this episode: Dal-yi. Dal-yi is played by Yoon Jin-seo. She is a mountain girl that is absolutely fascinated by the beauty of Iljimae.  (Welcome to the club!)  She is happy, open, kind, playful and fresh.   Though Iljimae is not much older, he is not like that…on him weigh many recent discoveries about his family and his land of origin that have robbed him from his worry free, comfortable childhood.  Even when she talks about having children, he is thinking about how he was abandoned as a child.  Little by little though, Iljimae starts to change and as he slowly falls in love with her and is accepted by the father of Dal-yi, and he is happier.

Jung II-woo’s is able to portray all these changes in Iljimae with great subtlety.  Nothing in his expressions is overdone.  You could say, that he has tamed the brusqueness of Yoon-ho, to a softer, disciplined, and more thoughtful Iljimae.   In a way you see Iljimae grow into a man as you see Jung II-woo grow into a better actor…and maybe a man too?

Here we get to see among other things, Jung II-woo’s real first kiss on-screen.  A kiss that is given to him! Now that I think about it, this is the third time it happens to Jung II-woo.  In “Unstoppable High Kick”, the teacher kissed him) thinking he was his uncle), in “My Love” the girl kisses him in the cheek. And now in Iljimae, he gets pushed down and kissed by Dal-hi.  I found a video that shows the BTS of this first kiss.  It is so sweet to see! So get ready to delight! (Video Cr. Clip from  [ETN] At that time that the expression : Il-woo Jung & Jin-seo Yun in YouTube.)

I know right!  How could they cut it off there! Seriously!!!  And in the Episode too!  Well you can imagine the rest by looking at the photos:  (Photo Cr. MBC)


Here are photos from episode 4 and 5… I wanted to place all Dal-hi-Iljimae happy moments here!  I’ll keep adding as I find them…!


2009 Iljimae Ep 5 32009 Iljimae Ep 5 22009 Iljimae Ep 5 1


fullsizephoto800832009 Iljimae Epi 5 2The-Return-of-Iljimae_12

And this part…is really funny…when he changes into the pink Hanbok! And of course he had to go get a chicken dressed like that!  And…then kick some ass in it!  But the part that had me in stitches…was when he caught the chicken at the end of the fight!  What?!!!  How?!!! Hilarious!

fullsizephoto80074 2009 Iljimae Ep 5. 42009 Iljimae Ep 5. 5



Bonus: These are from Episode 2.



Well…no doubt it is Dal-hi who is Iljimae’s love of his life…!   I though it was funny that the their love starts with a chase!  There is something to be said about couples playing rough games or chasing games…many times it ends with love!  Happened to me!  I guess it’s the fastest way to break barriers!  It is a lot more fun too!  Maybe that’s the animal part still in us…

Jung II-woo…I wish with all my heart that you find the love of your life!