Memories by Jung II-woo

I wanted to highlight one of Jung II-woo posts from 2009 from his Cyworld account. It really moved me when I read it.  It’s about memories…

I have read and heard Jung II-woo say that the time after a drama ends is especially sad for him.  He has been working with a group of actors and crew for so long!  It becomes such a part of his life!  Then it’s over, and just like that he finds himself with just …

추억..   정일우  2009.01.23 20:07

내가 잃어버리고 싶지않은.. 잃어버리고 싶은..

모든것은 추억안에 담긴다.

지우고 싶어도 계속해서 옛생각이 떠오르고,

다시 되돌리고 싶어서.. 그때의 일들을 생각해봐도..

그 기억들을 잃고 싶지않아서 아무리 애를 써봐도..

차츰차츰 없어지는 나의 기억들..

지나간 시간은 추억일뿐..

되돌릴수있을까 ?

그것은 미지수 일뿐..

아무도 모른다.

Memories .. Jung Il-woo 2009.01.23 20:07
I do not want to lose .. I want to lose ..

Everything is in memory.

Even if you want to erase,

I want to get back to you …

I do not want to lose those memories, no matter how hard I try.

My memories gradually disappear ..

Time passed is just a memory.

Could it be reversible?

It is unknown.

Nobody knows.

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Cr. Jung II-woo  (These photos were included with his writing)

For more of his writing check the section: “In His Words”


This year as the school year ends, I say goodbye to students I have known for up to 7 years!  I have seen them grow up!  School ends in about two weeks and that’s probably why when I read this I was moved to tears.  If it would have been October I don’t think I would have been that sentimental.

I have a “Memory Wall” in my classroom… it has photos of  my students…of past faculty members.  It’s so full I can barely put anymore photos in it!  When I look at it…I remember the moments I have lived.   So many beautiful and sad memories… some have faded, some have stayed so bright and fresh in my head…

We all struggle with memories one way or another…and they are the way in which we connect to our reality. If we don’t remember we loose the knowledge of those moments we have lived and things we have learned. Some memories make us grateful for the times we have lived. Some memories make us really sad or angry and we want to forget them. They are stubborn and cling on to you until you have really let them go…you have forgiven, or the passing of time has brought you peace.  Then there are all those memories hidden within our subconscious mind…that we have no idea of, but mess with our heads sometimes!  What a brilliant creation the mind is!

Talking about mind … the memory of the masterpiece song “Memory” written by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Trevor Nunn and performed like no other by Barbra Streisand “Memory” comes to mind!