Opening of The Return of Iljimae.

January 14, 2009

This was the promo for the premiere of The Return of Iljimae on January 21, 2009.  It is basically a short version of the actual opening of the drama.  One thing I loved about The Return of Iljimae all throughout was all the graphic design work, not only on the opening credits, but also the book that would flip its page. I also enjoyed the comparison between the comic and the drama images at the end of the drama (though I know this has been done in many other dramas that originate form comics.)  I will dedicate this post to the promo and opening and later on I will do one about the graphics.  Enjoy!

Promo video of The Return of Iljimae:  (Scroll down after the photos for the full opening video.)  Cr.MBC


2008 JIW Iljimae 11.jpg


2008 JIW Iljimae 9.jpg

And this is the whole opening video of The Return of Iljimae:


I play a lot of instrumental music while my students do their written work in class or  doing an art activities.  I decided to play the opening theme of Return of Iljimae from YouTube.  The response of my students (third graders) was immediate!  Wow…that music is cool!  It sounds like swords!  Is it swords? Before I knew it most boys had gathered around my laptop and were watching the opening video of The Return of Iljimae!  After commenting how awesome it was, then the funniest thing happened…one of the boys looking at Iljimae asked “Wait… is that a girl?”  I laughed so hard!!!  It’s what they kept saying in the drama!

So 8 years later…my third graders from Boston, USA, enjoyed Iljimae and the opening of the The Return of Iljimae!  How cool is that?!!!