Dear Jung II-woo fans…

I will be taking a bit of time off from posting. I’ve not had enough time to research 2009…


…way too many things going on. (Good  things!)  2009 is a big year for Jung II-woo so I want to make sure I do it well!  I’ll be back in about a week.  Thank you for your continued support of Jung II-woo and all his Delights!

Heh…Talking about delights, I promised you some Jung II-woo Delights…I’ll start with the photos I posted without any text…

2008 JIW Break 1 22008 JIW Break 2 3

The next delight is a really fun video of Jung II-woo and Lee Yeon-hee (from the time of “My Love” visiting a school and well causing quite a scene…of love!  It’s so cute!!!


This coming up is one of my favorite photos of Jung II-woo…he looks so young and innocent…and so earnestly good!  It delights me to no end!




This next one cuteness overload:

2007 JIW Cuteness Overload! 2.jpg

2007 UJIWP white and barefoot 2.png2007 UJIWP white and barefoot 1 .png

2007 UJIWP Young 2.jpg

And these…this is this series of Jung II-woo key rings and stationary sold I guess in the time of High Kick…  they are really funny!



And a few more…


1493862582.jpg  1493862420.jpg


These delight me to no end… he is just so beautiful…every angle!  So photogenic!


The ones above…puffy cheeks, biting his lips…mercy Jung II-woo!


2009 to come!  Stay tuned!

Much health and happy Jung II-woo Delight!

감사합니다!   Fan13