Jung II-woo filming “The Return of Iljimae”

Jung II-woo worked really hard during the filming of The Return of Iljimae.  So much that he didn’t care about the cold and that he couldn’t feel his feet after an hour of filming.  So much that he worked even though he had the flu and was using IV’s to keep himself hydrated.  He worked so hard in fact that it was his production crew that told him that he had to stop because at one point he could not stand up!  Production shut down so he could recover, and fortunately because they had filmed about 60% of the drama, the air date of January 21 remained untouched.

I have just finished watching The Return of Iljimae…and after reading about all this I see it with a different light.  You can notice the exhaustion on his face…but you think it’s because of the drama but not because he has overworked himself.  So next time you see episode 13, 14 look at his face.  He looks sick!  He gets thinner and thinner too… the chubby cheeked plum Lee Yoon-ho is completely gone by the end of this drama.  I read and I will share an article later on, where he shares that he lost 8 Kilograms for this role! And add at least one more he must have lost for being sick…!  That’s almost 20 pounds!!!

Way in the bottom of this post there are two articles where I found the information I described above, but with more detail.  But before that…enjoy some photos, some GIFs and a video. The photographs are so beautiful!  That was my favorite part of The Return of Iljimae, the beauty of its cinematography, the set designs and costumes. The plot was just too tragic for my taste!  I guess you could say it was tragically beautiful to watch!


Cr. MBC and DCIlwoo

2008 Filming Iljimae JIW 12008 Filming Iljimae JIW 22008 Filming Iljimae JIW 3 2.jpg2008 Filming Iljimae JIW 42008 Filming Iljimae JIW 52008 Filming Iljimae JIW 62008 Filming Iljimae JIW 8fullsizephoto82569.jpgfullsizephoto82461.jpg

2008 Filming Iljimae JIW 71c60cf5e copy.jpg2008 Filming Iljimae JIW 92008 Filming Iljimae JIW 106.gifanigif.gif7.gif4.gif9.gif

He still manages to  stay so cheerful…you are a wonder Jung II-woo!







An article from Drama beans here:



And this is is another article from My Diary (via Ilwoostory Japan)

“I came back” Jung II-woo – Yoon Jin-seo, “Winter is terrifying”

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MBC Water · Tree Mini Series “Karuto Irujime” who made the same name comic by Koh · woong painter original as an original (Production: GP Workshop Co., Ltd., Roy Works Co., Ltd. / Screenplay: Kim Kwang-shik, Young Myun: Fan 70% of Kim So Yeon (70%) is going to take a picture with a goal of charity production, since it is a historical drama, only the temperature of experience is low and we have to taste suffering, and we released a winter shooting scene.

The broadcast is confirmed in mid-January, now “Irejima I came back” which finished photographing 14 part amount becomes colder and colder It gets colder Winter It was cold in the shooting scene due to the weather an emergency order was given. The main set of drama Yongin Inn MBC Culture Dong (Mun Fat Dong) mountain is made up of rice paddies and fields around, and the sensible temperature is about 3-4 degrees lower than in other areas is a filming staff and actor’s claim. One drama shoot site and everyone has difficulties due to cold in winter, but the winter shooting scene of a historical drama, which must wear the straw in particular with a thin hanbok suit, is said to be painful enough to make tears come out.

Especially Jeong il, who has to digest the most photographed amount, said, “Iljimye should work quickly, people with thin costumes can not wear it to give such a quick impression.Still for the historical drama I am short-lived to think that it will stop broadcasting as much as possible at the end of shooting, “he also said recently the recent shooting situation was revealed.

Korean clothes Yun Jin-seo, who must tremble in cold for the sake of fashion, will be able to smoothly pronounce serifs by wearing the body with a thick coat and knee blanket as soon as the voices of Fan · Ile Melt a nice face with hot pack on. “Although I hear many stories about the surroundings this winter seems to be still warm, the shooting venue physical sensible temperature is much more severe than I expected, because I can not wear a lot of saddles because the straw is small, even if I just passed an hour I feel that there is no sense on my feet. ”

Well made even in cold weather well made to make a historical theatrical v daring to shoot without taking a break v v rejuvenated for the first time in 30 years The magnificent story full of the spirit of Ko · Woong’s original is overwhelmingly superbly directed by Fan · Ile Directed by visual beauty, works that are gathering expectations and opening up the era of a new historical theater. In the severely changed Joseon era, as soon as it was born Bamboo Under the Plum Blossom is a legitimate hero who defends the nation’s fate as a petition seeking the commoner. “Irujima who returned home” that depicts the era and era of fate destined to change to Irishme Will be aired in the middle of January 2009.


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1月中旬放映が確定、現在14部分量の撮影を終えている『帰ってきたイルジメ』はますます寒くなる冬天気のために撮影現場に寒さ非常令が下された。 ドラマの主要セットのヨンインMBC文化洞(ムンファドン)山は周辺が水田と畑で成り立って、他の地域に比べ体感温度が3-4度ほど低いということが撮影スタッフと俳優の主張だ。 あるドラマ撮影現場や皆冬季には寒さのために苦労するが、特に薄い韓服を着てわらじを履かなければならない史劇の冬撮影現場は、それこそ涙が出てくるほど苦痛だという。

特に最も多い撮影分量を消化しなければならないチョン・イルは「イルジメは素早く活動するべきで、衣装が薄い方で、そのような素早い印象を与えるために着込むこともできない。 それでも名品史劇のために最大限たくさん撮影を終わらせておいて放映に入ったらと思って気が短い。」と最近撮影近況を明らかにすることもした。

韓服おしゃれのためにより一層寒さに震えなければならないユン・ジンソは、ファン・イルレ監督のカットの声が落ちると同時に即厚いコートと膝毛布でからだをくるんでセリフを円滑に発音することができるようにホットパックでこちんこちんな顔を溶かす。 「周辺で今回の冬はそれでも暖かいようだという話をたくさん聞くが、撮影会場体感温度は予想したことよりはるかに苛酷だ。 わらじが小さくてくつしたをたくさん履くこともできず1時間過ぎただけでも足に感覚がなくなる」と苦しさをさらけ出すこともした。

寒い天気の中でも完成度高いwell made史劇を作るために休みなしに撮影にまい進しているvは30年ぶりに復活するコ・ウヨン原作の気迫あふれる壮大な話をファン・イルレ監督特有の秀麗な映像美で演出、新しい史劇の時代を開くことと期待を集めている作品。 激変の朝鮮時代,生まれるやいなや梅枝下捨てられた赤ん坊が平民を求める義賊として国の運命を守護する伝説的な英雄イルジメに変貌して繰り広げられる時代と運命のうず巻きを描いた『帰ってきたイルジメ』は2009年1月中旬放映される。



I feel really bad for Jung II-woo when I read stuff like this.  It makes me angry too. I feel he’s so vulnerable to all that industry dictates in terms of beauty.  Don’t get me wrong, I like beauty as we all do, but he was gorgeous to begin with!  In the time of High Kick he was so handsome!…he didn’t have to loose all that weight!    I really loved how strong Lee Yoon-ho was when you compare him to the rest of all Jung II-woo characters.  There was a raw strength there…I can’t explain it, that has never come back again… and I guess it never will.

And Jung II-woo, I understand wanting to give it all…but not to the point of losing your health like that! Seriously! Just look at the dark circles under your eyes…you look so tired in the photo below…