Jung II-woo at the opening of Beauty Credit’s New Store.

November 24, 2008.

This was an autograph session of Jung II-woo for the government of Wyjeongbu. He looks like a female beauty!  Photo Cr. DCIlwoo and on photos.

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And talking about female beauty…these are some photos I found of Ilwoo dressed as a woman at this time. Not sure what show it was for…  An article I read pointed out how much thinner he looked compared to his High Kick Days.  In an article he said he lost about 8 Kg.  It shows.

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Look at the audience in the last photo…there is Jung II-woo acting as a woman in front of a lot of the blue sweatpants/jacketed students.  I’ve found various of these shots of him dressed the same way.   Was this for school?  Hanyang?  Another acting course?  I don’t have the technology to zoom in on that jacket!!!  If you dear reader know when this is from…leave me a note! I will be so thankful!





I remember reading about Jung II-woo having gone to a performance school.  I think these photos are from this time…


And this?  No idea…


And coming soon in The Return of Iljimae…