Jung II-woo’s Mom

Jung Il-woo and his mom Mrs. Sim Yeonok 2017

Happy Mother’s Day to all those mom fans of Jung II-woo!

I spent some time doing a bit of research about the woman who gave birth to our dear Jung II-woo. Her name is Sim Yeon-ok.  She is a professor of the Department of Traditional Arts and Crafts at Korea National University of Cultural Heritage.  She is an expert of Ancient Korean fabrics and researches how they were made.  They build looms and try to make the fabrics.

Update May 30, 2020:  This is her resume… she is an expert in her field!


So this means that she speaks Chinese too!  (She speaks English too)

I found a great article from a magazine called Koreana, where she has researched about the use of gold weaved into cloth.This is a photo from that article. Photo Cr. Ahn Hong-beom for Koreana Magazine.


Koreana Winter 2016 “Guardian of Heritage”

This is a loom recreated by the research team at the Korea National University of Cultural Heritage to weave gold thread into textiles: Cr. Cultural Heritage Administration. Wow!!!

Korea Joongang Daily Feb 17, 2015

Look how gorgeous she looks in the next photo.  That Hanbok…so delicate!  Photo Cr. Kenterin Think Korea.

Kenterin Think Korea “Stitching together a lost tradition”

The logo of the Korea National University of Cultural Heritage where she works has a great design!   I love it!   Had to post it!



Curious to know more about this University?  Click below:

Korea National University of Cultural Heritage

And Profesor Sim Yeon-ok has a book published on 2002 about Korean Textiles:


This is the book excerpt:

 Seoul: Institute for Studies of Ancient Textiles.  2002. Hardcover. Institute for Studies of Ancient Textiles publication illustrated with 348 color plates, 14 black and white photographs, 130 color figures and 118 black and white figures. Includes a section on Korean rugs. “This is the first comprehensive historical survey, illustrated almost entirely in color, of technical developments of Korean textiles in a vast view of the chronological range with visual delight. The book begins with the historical survey and traditional techniques of Korean textiles in 4 sections. In Chapter II, Korean textiles are classified into 12 sections on the basis of weave structures. In Chapter III, the various methods of Printing and Dyeing technologies are discussed throughout history.”  334 pp.

I know this happens way later (2014) but I wanted to include it here as well.  I think it was such a sweet gesture of his mom, to make the Hanbok he wore in ‘The Night Watchman’s Journal.”


140819 조선 최고의 ‘패셔니스타’ 정일우, 남다른 한복 자태 비결 공개!_3

He looks so stunning in it:

2014 JIW NW 12014 JIW NW 2

Update: Jung Il-woo posted this photo with his mom on his Instagram on March 8, 2017:

Jung Il-woo and his mom. JIW Instagram post 2017 3 8 .JPG

They look so sweet!

Update May 30, 2020

Jung Il woo’s mom has a new book!  It is called “2000 years of Korean Embroidery.” Ilwoo posted about it earlier today (well in Korea it was yesterday!). This was his post:

He wrote in English: “2,000 Years of Korean Embroidery”-My mom’s masterpiece on Korean embroidery, worthy of huge respect.

If you want to see a bit of the book go HERE.  Thank you to IG ytjiw0909 for the information on where to search for it!  I wish her great success with it.  It would be nice if they featured her in Koreana Magazine again!  I love that magazine!

Here are a few screen shots of the book:

I also discovered that she was in here in the US in February of this year!  She took part in a Symposium about Korean Buddhist Images and Dedication Practice in Washington DC!  You can read about the program HERE.  WOOw!


Well, she’s beyond the ok in her name for sure. Jung II-woo’s mom is great! No wonder why Jung II-woo came out so good!  It will be delightful to see who wins this lovely’s man’s heart and his mom’s!  Thank you so much for giving us Il-woo Mrs. Sim Yeon-ok!!  I wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day!

jungilwoo and his mom 1

También quiero enviar la mas hermosa energía a todas las madres en Venezuela que están sufriendo la perdida de sus hijos, y que se preocupan cada día por conseguir algo de comida.  Fuerza y fé!


And last but not least… to all the mothers in this world… you are the driving force of humanity…  your day is everyday!