Jung II-woo goes on location for Iljimae

August and September 2008

In September there are various photos found of Jung II-woo going to Japan to film Iljimae.  Iljimae the character, travels to China and Japan in his life where he learns different martial arts.  The production company and director decided to film in Taiwan and Japan, to capture some of the different scenery and give the series a more realistic look.

In Japan he visited Tsushima, and Island that is between Korea and Japan main land.  a place with gorgeous natural scenery.  You will see photos of Jung II-woo in Ichiraku, a port town you can get to via Ferry from Busan, Korea.

Enjoy Jung II-woo and the beautiful scenery of the places below!  Photo Cr. Jung II-woo and on photos.

But first…these are some photos of Jung II-woo getting his Iljimae look…longer hair!

2008 JIW ILjimae Look 12008 JIW ILjimae Look 22008 JIW ILjimae Look 3

Going to Tsushima, Japan Film Location:

2008 JIW Going on Location for Iljimae 4.jpg2008 JIW Going on Location for Iljimae 12008 JIW Going on Location for Iljimae 22008 JIW Going on Location for Iljimae 3

From his Cyworld Account dated: 09-01-2008

20080901 Cyworld Jung II-woo Iljimae Filming Location in Tsushima Japan (Kisaka Higami Shrine).jpg

These were taken by him there…  so beautiful!

20080901 Cyworld Jug II-woo.jpg

These are some images I created by mixing Ilwoo’s photos with Iljimae photos:

iljimae-sunset-art-2-fan13-e1494188102557.jpgIljimae Sunset Art 3 2017 Fan13iljimae-sunset-art-1-2017-fan13-e1494188090478.jpg

These are the originals… I think they are so beautiful!!!


On location:  The director is wearing a red Jacket.  His name is Hwang In-roi.  There is I think another director named Kim Soo-young (according to Wikipedia) but I was not able to find his photo…my but guess is the gentleman with the awesome white hair…?

Ha!  Just found out who they are!!!  (May 13, 2017)  So from left to right: Jung II-woo, Shin Seong-il a famous Korean actor that has appeared in like 500 projects!, Yoon Jin-seo and Kang Seok-hyeon, who is the son of Mr. Shin who works in the production company “GP workshop” that produced “The Return of Iljimae.”




These are photos that I found in the internet of the places he visited:

Tsushima, Japan


Wait is that Iljimae there?  Just kidding!  But you can totally see him in any of these backgrounds…  gorgeous nature!


Just finished watching “Goblin: The Lonely and Great God.”  Definitely one of my favorite dramas ever!  The cast… perfect.  The plot… divine. The music…enchanting.  The Scenery…gorgeous. It made me think a lot about life.  In that sense it’s a lot like 49 days. This one is a lot more romantic though. It made my heart ache for a love like that… a love that is true, that helps you grow, that comforts you and that makes you happy…

It also made me think how every moment of my life is truly precious and a gift.  Seeing my son’s beautiful face every morning, listening to my student’s voices, walking through the Public Garden, and even what I’m doing right now…every finger so perfectly placed so I can type these words…my hands…what a miracle!  Jung II-woo…what a gift it is that you exist!  To inspire me to know you…why? What a wonder…I’m so thankful!

Must sleep…for tomorrow awaits!