Jung II-woo is cast as Iljimae in MBC production of “The Return of Iljimae.”

July 21, 2008

Before Jung II-woo was cast for “The Return of Iljimae” he had been cast for a drama called “Triple.”  He spent a lot of time learning to skate but sadly this production fell through.  Fortunately Jung II-woo was cast for The Return of Iljimae!   Jung II-woo felt a lot of pressure taking on this lead role, he wasn’t sure if he would be good enough to portray the character.  He worried a lot!  Some of his anxiety is reflected in his writing at this time.  You can read his words under the section “In his words.” July 30, 2008.

These photos are of a painting retrospective exhibit of the original creator and illustrator of Iljimae: Ko Woo-young (1938-2005).  Hwang In-roi, the director, Yoon Jin-seo, the leading actress and Jung II-woo attended it.  Photo Cr. On photos.

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This is a news article about the exhibit:

Iljimae Exhibit at the Arko Art Center in Daehangno, Seoul.

This is a photo of the artist Ko Woo-young in his studio.  Photo Cr. The Arko Art Center


This is part of the brochure of the exhibit…I believe!  Cr. Jin Dallae & Park Woohyuk.


This is so far the best image I have found of his cartoon Iljimae.  Photo Cr. On image


This was his desk, in another exhibit at the Korea Manhwa Museum.  Photo Cr. Korea Manhwa Museum.