Jung II-woo attends a South Korea soccer game.

June 30th, 2007

This comes from his Cyworld account.  He wrote and posted all the photos you will see below.  He had the joy of attending a qualification match of South Korea for the World Cup of South Africa in 2010 and watching his nation win.

South Korea won the 2010 World Cup AFC qualification with 16 points – seven wins and seven draws in total!   In the 2010 World Cup they were placed in Group B. They won their first game against Greece 2-0, tied against Nigeria 2-2 but then lost against both Argentina 4-1 and Uruguay 2-1, and thus were eliminated.  (Inf. from Wikipedia)

This is the logo of the team… a Siberian tiger, which is also the South Korean National animal.


2008 6 30 JIW Soccer Game 12008 6 30 JIW Soccer Game 22008 6 30 JIW Soccer Game 3

국기에 대한 맹세.
나는 자랑스런 태극기앞에
조국과 민족의 무궁한 영광을 위하여
몸과 마음을 바쳐 충성을 다할것을 굿게 다짐합니다.

국기에 대한 맹세가 새롭게 바뀌었다고하는데..

내가 배운건 저거니까.. ^^;;

I swear on the flag.

I stand proud infront of the Korean flag
For the eternal glory of our nation
For our nation, we commit ourselves to fulfill our loyalty by offering our body and mind.

The vow to the flag has been renewed.

That’s what I learned. ^^ ;;

2008 6 30 JIW Soccer Game 42008 6 30 JIW Soccer Game 5