Nike Sportswear Global Launch

May 12, 2008

This event took place in  Beijing, China and most of the photos come from his Cyworld account.  Jung II-woo and  Son Dam-bi were South Korea’s representatives in this event.  It attracted internationally renowned designers and media from 250 countries. Below those are photos from another Nike “Dunk” Event…not sure if it was part of the same, bur since they both relate to Nike I decided to place them here too.  Cr. Cafe Daum IlwooStory and on photos.

This is Jung II-woo and Son Dam-bi at the event.


From Ilwoo’s Daum Cafe “Ilwoostory” account:

2008 5 12 JIW Nike Global Launch 1

2008 5 12 JIW Nike Global Launch 22008 5 12 JIW Nike Global Launch 42008 5 12 JIW Nike Global Launch 3cyworld_080517_2cyworld_080517_3

From the “Dunk” Event:

2008 4 Dunk Nike 12008 4 Dunk Nike 22008 4 Dunk Nike 32008 4 Dunk Nike 42008 4 Dunk Nike 52008 4 Dunk Nike 6