Unstoppable High Kick Episode 167


This was the last episode of High Kick.  It aired on July 13th of 2007.  It was so sweet and very emotional.  We get to say goodbye to all the characters.  A lot of crying from the young ones!

Below photos and some videos.  I included a couple of MVs about Yoon-ho and Suh Min-jung.  The most touching video though is the last one.  It is of their last day of filming. Jung II-woo…is so emotional…he cries and cries…                            Photo & Video Cr. MBC


2007 JIW HK 12007 JIW HK 22007 JIW HK 32007 JIW HK 42007 JIW HK 52007 JIW HK 62007 JIW HK 72007 JIW HK 82007 JIW HK 92007 JIW HK 10



And some more favorite photos of this beautiful couple:

2007 JIW HK Xtra Teacher 1unstoppable-high-kick2007 JIW HK Xtra Teacher 2

They are too cute…what a great match!

2007 JIW HK Xtra Teacher 3

These I wonder about…were they false advertisement?  I tried finding a special High Kick Ending Episode…but it doesn’t exist right?  I think the first photo was part of the episode where he’s dreaming about the future…but the other two?  Yes wishful thinking!!!

2007 JIW HK Xtra Teacher 52007 JIW HK Xtra Teacher 62007 JIW HK Xtra Teacher4


So much I thought and think about this last episode.  For me the end (or beginning!) of Yoon-ho and Suh Min-jung was so magical!  So romantic!  I love the play with fate. I believe that when two people are meant to be together they will be no matter what…chance, fate…life! will make it happen.

When he says goodbye to his mother I was impressed by the fact they they do not hug…or kiss…I would find that very hard to do!  In Latin culture kissing and hugging are so important…we kiss and hug with any excuse!  And in a situation where a son is leaving the nest…there would be a lot of hugs and kisses.  I actually like this about my culture…I always feel that if I was to loose that person, I would always have the memory of that last hug or kiss with me as a goodbye.

Watching Kim Bum say goodbye to “his” grandmother and “family” was so sad…

The saddest and sweetest is the last video where Jung II-woo is saying goodbye to the cast. This made me fall more in live with the man that he is in reality.  A man that is so passionate and loving. It’s so symbolic that it is his mom and his dad in the series that hug him and try to calm him down. I was crying at the end too the first time I saw it…I could feel his anguish…for that, his first experience as an actor was over.  It made me think of all the experiences where I had to say goodbye to a part of my life that I loved…not easy, one feels happy and so grateful for the experience but so sad for leaving that part of one’s life where one learned and was happy… knowing it will never come again.  You were very lucky Jung II-woo!  and you will always have the memories!

Oh…!  Venezuela…how my heart aches… 4-19-17… hang in there! Resist!

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