Jung II-woo for Samsung AnyCall’s “My Stage” (CF2) and “Talk, Play, Love!” (CF3 & CF4)



Jung II-woo took part in these catchy commercials along with Go Ara and other celebrities.  They are fun to watch… so enjoy.  Further down you will find photos including behind the scenes…I think some of them may have been used in magazines and stand up props…

Cr. Samsung, Jung II-woo’s website http://www.jungilwoo.com, and Jung II-woo’s Cafe Daum: Ilwoostory account.

Here are the videos




2007 Talk Play Love 32007 Talk Play Love 22007 Talk Play Love 12007 Talk Play Love 414929923302007 Talk Play Love 52007 Talk Play Love 6

2007 BTS Talk Play Love 42007 BTS Talk Play Love 52007 BTS Talk Play Love 32007 BTS Talk Play Love 62007 BTS Talk Play Love 22007 BTS Talk Play Love72007 BTS Talk Play Love 1

These are so entertaining!  The one where he bumps her!  SO funny!!!

2007 JIW Samsung 12007 JIW Samsung 22007 JIW Samsung 32007 JIW Samsung 42007 JIW Samsung 52007 JIW Samsung 6

2007 Talk Play Love Xtra 22007 Talk Play Love Xtra 1

Updated: April 8, 2017:

2007 JIW Samsung Xtra 12007 JIW Samsung Xtra 21493055032-1.jpg1491344313.jpg2007 JIW Samsung Xtra 32007 JIW Samsung Xtra 42007 JIW Samsung Xtra 51492993409.jpg1492993410.jpg1492347932.jpg1493863432.jpg1493862473.jpg

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