Unstoppable High Kick Episode 104

I call this “The Paint Ball Episode.” For me this is the best episode where we get to see depth of the love and hence suffering of Yoon-ho for Suh Min-jung.  I limited the photos to three scenes that say it all.  Not to give away the plot in case you haven’t seen it…I put it at the end of the post under WITAT…(What I think about this…Wit at! or maybe no wit at all!)


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Update: August 6, 2019

I found the a video behind the scenes of this episode.  The chances of that 1 in 167!  Cr.



“The Paint Ball Episode” starts out with Yoon-ho staring in anger? sadness? jealousy?  as his uncle is walking with Suh Min-jung. The elevator scene follows and here he shows his longing for her… She doesn’t even suspect it and is confused by his stare!  This makes it even more painful to watch!

The final scenes are about a survival game where students of Pung-pa Highschool and some of their teachers participate in.  This includes his uncle and Suh Min-jung. They end up the same team opposite from Yoon-ho’s team.  After seeing them together all lovey dovey, the anger builds in Yoon-ho and he eventually gets his revenge by ousting his uncle from the game.  However, his happiness is short lived as he is eliminated by no other than his beloved teacher Suh Min-jung.  Like the naughty innocent cupid she shoots him right in the heart while he stares at her full of love!  The change in the face of Yoon-ho from awe to heartbreak is so well performed!  Bravo Jung II-woo!!!  Cheers and tears to go with that!  Also the comparison between the game of paint ball and getting shot in the heart is simply…genius!   Bravo to the writers too!

To love or not to love…that is the true question!  Wait…who said that?  Or was it something else he said? 🙂


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