Unstoppable High Kick Episode 72

Though this episode starts and ends in sad notes, this is most likely my favorite High Kick episode…because of…the cake making scene!  Jung Il-woo is so cute and adorable…like a child. For me, this is probably of all things, what sets Jung II-woo apart from other male actors for me…that playfulness!  I will focus only on that happy part and the cake…

This is a video I just finished of both the cake making scene and BTS (Behind the Scenes)…after that some stills.  Enjoy!

Cr. Original video and photos: MBC









These are other photos from this episode… Suh Min-jung has the perfect dose of naiveness to match with Jung II-woo’s playfulness.

Notice the tie in the following two photos…his uncle wore it on episode 72 and I found this random photo of Jung II-woo from this time…I wonder if it’s the same tie!  ?!



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