Unstoppable High Kick Episode 39

But before Episode 39, here is a video of him being interviewed that shows him while he was filming high kick…the jump through the window, etc.

Did you see how flexible he was at the end!!!  WOW!!!  Well onto episode 39…

Jung II-woo spent a lot of his time filming Unstoppable High Kick during 2006 and 2007, so I decided to include some of my favorite episodes.  There are so many episodes I enjoy so this was not easy!   I chose episode 39 because we get to see Jung II-woo’s Yoon-ho show more emotional depth for the first time.  Up to this moment we had seen a lot of the brat and all the self centered behaviors it entailed. In this episode we get to see how much he cares about someone else, his teacher Suh Ming-jung…to the extent of wanting to be a better student, something that is so hard for him.

The photos below show Yoon-hoo through out episode 39 in order.  It starts with the phone call from his teacher Suh Ming-jung and ends in his disappointed face when he finds out, she had not been in the park the whole time as he had believed.


WITAT:  (What I Think About That)

Jung II-woo’s Lee Yoon-ho made me laugh many times, but he also made me sad.  I felt for him all the times he felt no one believed him.  Or when he felt less than his brother for not being a good student.  Also all the times when his family  -his grandfather specially- would blame him over stolen things or for hurting his older brother.  How moving was the episode where he cut his own shirt in the back to show his family that he too was hurt by his older brother.  This episode is all about how for the first time, he thinks someone believes in him (his teacher), to the extent of spending hours in a cold park.  Jung II-woo did such a great job portraying first the illusion and happiness Yoon-ho feels and then the disappointment and consecutive pain when he realizes she did not.  Very moving performance.

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