Jung II-woo in High Kick Behind the Scenes.

These are some behind the scenes from high kick photos I found.
Cr. MBC and DCIlwoo

For more Unstoppable High Kick Delights (including behind the scenes) visit:


This video has a lot of footage from Behind The Scenes of High Kick and the “This is me” Music Video:


Update August 6, 2019

Found these delights… he looks so adorable… his cheeks!  Baby Ilwoo!

And this is probably my favorite High Kick Behind the Scenes video… it is so funny!


This one coming up, is one of my favorite real Jung II-woo videos ever!  It shows a very emotional Jung II-woo on the wrap up day of High Kick.  It is so endearing…but Maybe you want to get some Kleenex!




October 2017 Update:


Too funny!  He’s like wait a sec, let me check the script!  Poor Min-ho!

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