Jung Il woo’s is a chef for his new drama for 2020: “Sweet Munchies” (여식남냐)

February 27, 2020

Jung Il woo has been working on his new drama it appears for sometime.  I saw the English version of Episode 16 of Convenience Store Restaurant and Lee Young Ja chooses Jung Il woo to compete against her for the “chicken” throne as she said: He’s been busy with the new drama so I don’t think he’s had time to put too much thought into this new dish.”  This show aired on February 14!  Ilwoo was missing from the last part of that show too!

There are many articles with the coming beautiful photo.  Here is one translated:

Jung Il woo .jpg

“I come back as Park Jin-seok… Jung Il-woo, the protagonist of ‘Late Night Snack Man and Woman’ (Sweet Munchies’ previous name)


Jung Il-woo transforms himself into a protagonist, Park Jin-sung, a pre-production drama ‘Supper Man and Woman’ scheduled for the second half of this year.

Yosek Nam runs a night restaurant during the play. Park Jin-sung is known as Yosek Nam, a man who loves and is good at cooking with physical appearance. It is a more attractive man because he has a secret mother-in-law. Jung Il-woo prepares in detail from clothes and accessories to become Park Jin-sung.

One thing to note is the role of Jung Il-woo. He is a well-known gourmet and famous for cooking. KBS 2TV’s ‘Newly Launched Gastronomical Review’ showed great cooking skills such as using Chinese food without hesitation. He led the rave reviews from the menu evaluation teams at each launch to create three winning menus, Tteppao. As such, Jung Il-woo, who has other certified cooking skills, is expected to boast Park Jin-sung and perfect character synchro rate.

Jung Il-woo said, “I am excited and happy to be able to greet my viewers through this drama after one year. Please give us your love.”

‘Late Night Snack Man and Woman’ will be broadcast in the second half of this year.

And he posted a video on the first day of filming:

He said:

Hello guys, look at this:

Today is the first shooting day of 여식남냐 (late night snack man and woman) and I am here.  Finally we started our first day of shooting.  I am Park Jin-seon in this show and I am a chef, so I will present many tasty food for you so please look forward to it, also please love the show!  Thank you!

WITAT  (What I Think About This)

So, in other words Ilwoo has been working on the preparations for this drama for about two weeks already!  He has been choosing the wardrobe, the dishes… with the production team.  I think he’s been so busy that that is why he hasn’t been posting in Instagram much.  I though he was depressed because of that last song he posted… but no … quite the opposite he is quite full of life preparing for his new drama!  I am so happy he is well and busy, it will help keep his mind positive in the midst of this Coronavirus.

Ilwoo Ssi I wish you the very best in this drama, please take good care of yourself!!!  Wear a mask!  So great that you get to keep on cooking!  You are so good at it!   One thing is for sure, you’ve had a lot of practice with Convenience Store Restaurant!