Weibo, Tweeter Sept 29 & Oct 1, 2011

Jung II-woo complained about going to school to find that it was closed due to the Pusan International Film Festival!   What to do but to hang out at the school’s cafe and write about it!


J_frog Jung ilwoo

오랜만에 학교에서 띵까띵까
부산영화제 끝날때까지 수업이 없다는데,
공지는 안올라왔을뿐이고. 난 또 방황하고있을뿐이고.
마음비우고 학교카페에서 커피마실뿐이고.

After a long time at school, I got here only to see a notice that there will be no class till the end of the Pusan International Film Festival. I’ve just been wandering around. Drinking coffee at the school cafe, trying to clear my mind.


9月30日 3:14PM


Tweeter:  October 1 .


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