The Return of Iljimae / Moon River (MBC)(돌아온 일지매)


The Return of Iljimae tells the story of a Chinese, Robin Hood type character from the Joseon era.  It was based on the original cartoon by Ko Woo-young published from 1975 to 1977.  Jung II-woo is the third Korean actor to portray Iljimae.

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The Return of Iljimae by Wikipedia

Where to watch this drama with English Subtitles?

For free do a search in google writing the key words “kissasian the return of iljimae”. They will test you with some picture questions and then you’ll be taken to Episode 1.  Sometimes there are pop up windows, close those and go back to the original screen.  And delight!!!  This drama is so beautiful to watch, not only because Ilwoo looks so young and gorgeous, but also the cinematography and artisitc direction is superb.  But you will need some Kleenex…!

Episode Synopsis  (and reviews)  Javabeans did an amazing job with these!

Official Website:  (Sadly if you live in the USA you can’t see the movies in it…they looks so promising!)

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