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‘Bossam’ Jung Il-woo, unprecedented transformation… “The fifth historical drama, the first such rough character”

March 29, 2021.          Source: xportsnews

‘Bossam’ Jung Il-woo said, “This is the first time I have ever seen such a rough character,” and announced the unexpected transformation of “Sageuk Male God”.
MBN’s 10th anniversary special plan “Bossam: Steal Destiny” (here in after “Bossam”) Jung Il-woo plays “Bow,” a livelihood boss with a secret of birth. Bau, who lives by raising his son by himself, is a person who is involved in all sorts of rough things, such as gambling, stealing, fighting, bossing, etc. to make a living.

Jung Il-woo, who played the role of king or upper classman, said, “This is the first time I’ve ever been a real male character like this. He said that he felt more attractive because he was a completely different character from the characters he had been in charge of so far. “I was able to choose this work without hesitation because I wanted to show a new look to the viewers.”

This is his fifth historical drama work, Jung Il-woo, which is known as the “Sageuk Male God. Starting with “The Return of Iljimae,” “The Moon Embracing the Sun,” “Journal of the Night Watchman,” and “Haechi,” in many historical dramas, showing off its overwhelming presence and creating numerous life characters.

His unprecedented transformation followed that much effort. He first invested time in “visual.” “In my previous work, I showed a neat and tidy appearance, but this time, I put on a beard for the first time, and my topcoat was messy and played.” As a result, he became aware of the grievances of the class society (?). “When I was filming in winter, I was wearing thin clothes and sandals, and it was cold where I lived. It was awkward at first because it was different from what I did before, but I quickly got used to it.” There was also a good point. He said, “Because I have a messy hair, I have more freedom to act and move.”

Action acting also needed a change. It’s because it was the first time I had a “raw” action, such as rolling over, hitting, and using a fist. He was accustomed to the action of riding a horse or using a sword, so he had to hit him directly, so he suffered a lot, but the more he did, the harder he exercised and raised his body. This was the reason he was able to perform action acting safely using his body until now.

The romance narrative that will build up as her relationship with her changes over the wall of her status while wrapping up Ongju Soo-kyung (Kwon Yuri) as a mistake of her life, is the biggest point of ‘bossam’. Jung Il-woo also pointed out that “a bad story that started with an unexpected meeting, but the chemistry of Bow and Su-kyung, which develops into a thrilling relationship as the play unfolds, will be a point that viewers can also enjoy.”

I did not forget to mention the chemistry with Yuri Kwon. “It was the first time we met with this work, and breathing is very good,” he said, saying, “We share our worries, monitor each other, and share know-how to overcome the cold and have fun taking pictures,” boasting a warm atmosphere on the scene. In the end, “I ask for your warm support for the romance that turns the destiny of Bow and Su-kyung. It will be a work with both laughter and emotion.”

MBN ‘Bossam’, a romance historical drama unfolded by a livelihood boss in the background of the Joseon Dynasty under the Gwanghae-gun, accidentally wrapping up ongju, will be broadcast for the first time on Saturday, May 1 at 9:40 pm. At the same time as the main broadcast starts, Korea’s leading online video service, Wavve, will release OTT exclusively.

[Reporter Kim Ye-eun of X-Sports News]

MBN revealed the first stills of Jung Ilwoo and Kwon Yuri for their upcoming drama “Bossam-Stealing Fate” (Literal title)  (보쌈-운명을 훔치다)


MBN’s new drama “Bossam-Steal Destiny” (played by Kim Ji-soo and Park Chul/director Kwon Seok-jang), starring Jung Il-woo and Girls’ Generation Kwon Yu-ri, is a historical drama set in the Joseon Dynasty under Gwanghae-gun, and MBN’s first historical drama work is raising expectations.

First, the actor Jung Il-woo continues to illuminate the box office with a historical drama again.  Jung Il-woo showed off his overwhelming presence in a number of historical dramas, starting with ‘The Return of Iljimae’, ‘The Moon Embracing the Sun’, ‘Night Watchman’s Journal’ and ‘Haechi’, and created numerous life characters.

For this drama he plays ‘Ba Woo’, a lively character who hides the secret of birth. In the play, Ba Woo has develped abilities in gambling, stealing, fighting, and bossam (connecting widows, who had no hopes of getting remarried, with new husbands), etc. He has lived a life in poverty hiding his idenetity after being framed for conspiracy at a very young age.

After his debut, Kwon Yuri takes on his first historical drama challenge for the first time.  She, who has steadily expanded her area of ​​activity by going back and forth between plays and dramas, is expected to show a different charm through this drama, the genre of’ fusion historical drama’. Kwon Yuri will play the daughter of Gwanghae-gun and the daughter-in-law of Lee Lee-cheom, this  old enemy of Gwanghae-gun will captures the hearts of viewers. She will portray “Hu-ain” (화인) Hu ain is a character who became a blue widow (a widow before the honeymoon night) after getting married to the elder brother Lee Lee-cheom through a political secret.

Drama fans are looking forward to the talent combination between director Kwon Seok-jang, who directed drama’Pasta’, ‘Golden Time’, ‘Miss Korea’, and ‘Buam-dong Avengers’, and writers Kim Ji-su and Park Chul, who wrote’The Doctor’s Brother’ and ‘Son Guys.’

The first still cuts of Jung Il-woo and Kwon Yu-ri’s first characters were revealed. Their melancholic wanting stares arouse curiosity about the tender romance they will portray in the future.

Source:  Newsis.   January 1, 2021

MBN confirmed the schedule of the fusion historical drama’Bossam-Steal Destiny’ this spring.

‘Bossam-Steal Destiny’ is a historical drama set in the Joseon Dynasty under the Gwanghae-gun, and depicts a reversal of life as a livelihood bossam-man accidentally rewards an Ongju.

Actor Jung Il-woo and group’Girls’ Generation’ singer and actor Kwon Yu-ri starred. It is scheduled to be broadcast in the first half of this year, and the specific schedule is being adjusted.

MBN said on the 4th that “We will give you a differentiated charm by adding Korean emotion and sensibility to a unique material. Please look forward to the romance-based fusion historical drama ‘Bossam-Steal Destiny.”

Jung Il-woo plays the role of’Bow’, a livelihood boss who has the secret of birth. Bow is a knuckle who has a lot of bones in gambling, stealing, fighting, bossam, etc., and has lived a life at the bottom while hiding his identity.

Kwon Yu-ri, who is the first to challenge historical drama after her debut, plays’Fine Ongju’, the daughter of Gwanghae-gun and the daughter-in-law of Lee Lee-cheom, the old enemy of Gwanghae-gun. She is married to the elder brother of the person whom Huain liked through her political secrets, but she has not been able to pay her first night and is a person who is wealthy with Cheongsang.

PD Kwon Seok-jang, who directed drama’Pasta’,’Golden Time’,’Miss Korea’, and’Buam-dong Avengers’, and writers Ji-su Kim and Cheol Park, who wrote’Brothers’ and’Son Guys’ meet through this work.

On this day, still photos of Jung Il-woo and Kwon Yu-ri’s first characters were also released. The appearance of the two people, who have their sad and sorrowful feelings intact, arouses curiosity about the tender romance they will portray in the future.

Reporter Lee Su-ji    Cr. MBN.    Translated to English by Fan 13.