Love and Lies Thai Drama (กลรักเกมมายา) True4U

2017 Jung Il woo in Posters for Love and Lies. 5

Love and lies, or What lies beneath is a Thai drama. It was the first drama filmed fully with a Korean actor as the lead actor and it was with our dear Jung Il woo!  It was not easy at all for Ilwoo to do this for he had to study not only his own lines but the lines of the other actors (in sound form and their meaning)  to know how to act and react.  He worked so hard sometimes he got only 3 hours of sleep if that a day.

Synopsis (by Fan 13)

In this drama, Jung Il woo plays Tim, a man who works as a PR in an entertainment company. His main job is to diminish the possibility of scandals of the artist he represents. Sometimes, this is a big problem for him as his mother is very displeased with him when he lies. Tim’s father used to do the same until he abandoned the family when Tim was barely a teenager.  Things get complicated for Tim as he has to represent and care for Belle, a famous actress played by (Mild) Wiraporn Jirawetsoontornkun, who is in the middle of a potentially destructive scandal.  This scandal could become not only could destroy her as a star, but the company they both work for.  It will take all of Tim wit to save bell with his love and lies.

For general information:

Wikipedia in Thai (there isn’t one in English!)

Series’ Page in the True4U Channel.

Episode Synopsis:  None available.

Where to watch it:   a lot of people ask me this, so I decided to write it here.  First off I want to warn you that you will not hear Ilwoo’s voice in this drama, his voice is dubbed.

First option… and I just found out about this one:

Do a search for kissasian in Google and once there so a search for What lies beneath or Love and Lies.  It will say episode 25 but do not be misled, scroll all the way to the bottom and there you’ll see all the episodes in English! I am so excited!  I can’t wait to see it all the way to the end en English!

Second option… just in case the first one doesn’t work for you:

Episodes 1- 16 Eng Subtitles.  Go to 4Udrama. com and do a search for Love and Lies.

Episode 17-18 Eng Subtitles.  Go to Google ( com) and do a search for its title in Thai and then ep. and number.  Write Eng Subs.  กลรักเกมมายา ep 17 Eng sub

Episode 19-26 No Eng Subtitles.  Go to www. (do not space www. and …!) and do a search for its title in Thai and then just write the number: กลรักเกมมายา  19

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