KRIBBIT Issue 1, Page 18: Gallery Yeh

In the City Center                                                                                                                              Hug the breath of art in the Gallery Yeh

Editor _ Shim woori                                                                                                Photograph_Gallery Yeh

English Translation: Fan 13

There is a unique building that looks like a sculpture in the middle of Seoul’s Sinsa-dong boulevard filled with restaurants and cool spots. It is a world of art that you will meet when you enter not being able to resist curiosity.

Gallery Yeh, opened in 1978 and has been in the forefront of medium-sized Korean galleries for 40 years. In 1982, it opened in Sinsadong for the first time, even before the area had the name of Karosu street (가로수길) and started the Gangnam gallery culture. At that time, the appearance of Yeh Gallery made Gangnam become a new alternative between arts and crafts like Insadong and Sagandong. Yeh Gallery and other galleries open their doors to Karuso street, and when the fashion-conscious people gather, they witnessing a new era. In 2005, the architect Jang Yoon-kyu, created a new building that took over a year to build, and once again it emerged as the mecca of Gangnam art.

Gallery Yeh, reminiscent of a huge canvas in the city center, is designed with the concept that the outer wall can have one space, making you experience a new point of view between the outer walls. In three-dimensional architecture it is a wall, but it is also a three-dimensional sculpture expressing infinite possibility. In addition, the cool exhibition space (4620 m2) leading to the 1st, 2nd, and, 3rd floors is designed to show various genres of contemporary art. Gallery Yeh, with its unique exterior wall and space structure, won the 2006 Korea Architects Award, the 2006 Korean Architecture Culture Award, the 24th Seoul Metropolitan Architecture Award, and the 2007 AR Award (Best World Award for a young architect.) In recent years, not only art lovers but also ordinary people who are interested in architecture visit it.

Gallery Yeh, that has been leading the popularization of fine arts through famous artists and various exhibitions of the day, is expanding its scope in addition to the gallery exhibition, in activities such as international exhibition design, various collaborations with companies, and installation of public artworks.