Jung Il-woo’s Girlfriend?


May 5, 2019

Ahhh…  this man either he has managed to keep every one of his girlfriends completely private or he hasn’t really had any!  I tend to lean towards the second… as I have stated before… the chances of keeping a girlfriend completely private are so slim!  Something would leak eventually!  I think Jung II-woo does take good care of his private life… but he has stated various times that he is working a lot so he doesn’t have time to date.

So this is what I have found so far…

February 18, 2019

On this day in the program “My Little Old Boy” Episode 126,  Jung Il-woo talked about his first kiss…  He said he was very introverted when he was young so he had a hard time making the first move, so the girl made the move first and gave him a peck.

There isn’t a video of this in YouTube but you can find the episode in Viki Rakuten if you live in the USA. THIS was my post about it.

March 12, 2019

The one and only female friend he has stated to have is Sandara Park (Dara) of the popular K-pop girl group 2NE1. Jung Il Woo said they have been friends for 6 years, ever since they worked on “The Return of Iljimae” together. (Sandara played a Japanese girl who fell for him.) He stressed that they are just friends, and they would give each other advice.  HERE

Jung Il-woo and Sandara. 3Jung Il-woo and Sandara. 2Jung Il-woo and Sandara. 1


For those who fantasize about these two being together, this fan made video can help you:


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And HERE there is a post about Jung Il-woo dating 4 fans in a special event.  It makes one feel how it might be to date a person like him!