Jung Il woo Instagram 2018

After deleting his account because of a vicious ciber attack, (you can read about it HERE) we were so excited to see Ilwoo post again.  Ilwoo Oppa came back with a whole music concert for us… it was so unusual that some people thought his account had been hacked!  But no it was really him being back.  Here are his wonderful posts for 2018 after his return:

May 27

Bon Jovi – Runaway

Radiohead – Exit Music

The xx – Dangerous

Lorde – Liability



Mystery of love

The XX- shelter


Daft Punk




Kendrick Lamar

2018 8 23 JIW Instagram Post.JPG

Dynamic Duo – 죽일놈 (Guilty)

Exit Music – Radiohead

僕が死のうと思ったのは  (That I thought I’d die)

2018 12 21 JIW Instagram Post.JPG

Merry Chistmas!