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Earlier this year Many people may have seen the Thai drama starring a Korean actor “Love and Lies” “Love game Maya” broadcast to watch at home on True4u channel is a new Thai-style drama that uses foreign actors and Thai actors. Sharing the story of the drama which gives the viewing mood different from the usual Thai dramas.

In which the main character “Jung Il Woo” is a very popular Korean hero Come together with the young female lead actress “Mild wiraporn” (Lapassalan Jiravechsoontornkul) for the first time, although the work of colleagues and the location is different from Korea, but it’s not a problem for the Korean actor Jung Il Woo at all.

The Sanook! Talked with the male protagonist Jung Il Woo about his work in his first Thai drama this time and is also the last drama before Jung Jung Il Woo’s two years of service.

Q: Who is in the drama Love and Lies? Are your characters different from your real self?

Jung Il Woo: I play the role of Tim. Is the company manager and he is the manager of Mild. Then there will be family problems. The problem of Mind comes in, I will be responsible for solving the problem. The character of Tim Because I was the one who acted on the outside, it might look like me. But in this acting part. There will be events, situations, uniqueness of this role. It’s hard to say whether it’s the same or different from me. It’s hard to answer.

Q: Working with a Thai team How are you Are Thai and Korean filming really different?

Jung Il Woo: It might be a bit difficult to communicate. But the staff members All the actors were there to help me, so I didn’t feel very difficult. Also, I had to remember my own script. And then have to remember the roles of other actors too. I therefore rather prepare myself when shooting Korean dramas.

Q: From what you said is a little difficult to communicate. Does it make it difficult to send emotions to Thai actors too?

Jung Il Woo: Being an actor means having to act as someone other than who we are. This time it’s not very difficult. Because I am already trying to put on the character of Tim’s character

Q: Speaking of Thai actors who have collaborated a bit. How was working with Mild Wiraporn?

Jung Il Woo:  Mild is a person who has a lot of fervor about acting. Is a person who is full of acting. In free time, Ms. Mild will also buy delicious food to leave on the set. Recommend a delicious restaurant for you too Working together very well.

Q: Please tell us about the impressive scene in the shoot.

Jung Il Woo: The moment I was filming was very rainy. There will be an important scene which is the scene at the sea. At that time it was raining heavily. We have to shoot and then stop. Change new outfits and continue shooting, but it’s fun.

Q: Seeing the background, you have the opportunity to sing the theme song. Have you ever sang it before? 

Jung Il Woo: I have sung in Korea about 3 times. Love and Lies is a story that I really like. And had the opportunity to sing the theme song as well. Even if I sing in Korean Hope the fans will like to listen.

Q: You can sing like this. Want to be a singer too?

Jung Il Woo:  No (laughs)

Q: Are you a person who likes to listen to music ? What kind of music do you like? Who are your favorite artists?

Jung Il Woo: My  favorite singer is not much. But when I was young, I liked listening to music from the English band Arctic Monkeys, which was an indie rock genre.

Q: How many times have you been to Thailand? What are the impressions already here?

Jung Il Woo: Before shooting the drama I’ve been to Thailand about 2 times already. I like to see fan clubs follow (laugh). Another thing is food. If hearing the name of Bangkok makes me feel relaxed. Although it is foreign, I like it very much. Is a place that is even a foreigner is very comfortable. Until I used to think of coming to Thailand (smile)

Q: For the first time, there is news that you have acted in a Thai drama. Feedback, Korean fans and Thai fans, how are you?

Jung Il Woo:  I think the fans will be shocked at that time. I never expected that I would be able to play in Thailand and that it was a Thai drama. What made me choose to play Love and Lies was because the script was really fun. The staff are all full of filming. I think the good drama will come from the staff and all the actors really do it. This drama is definitely fun.

Q: Talk about your fan club. Are there any memorable events with Thai fans?

Jung Il Woo:  When I was on set, there will be fans to cheer up. The first time when I travel to Thailand I took a photo of my social swimming pool. And the fan club found a hotel in Asia and found the hotel that I stayed Wait for the lobby to fill up. Also helps recommend restaurants travel destinations that should be visited for me. When I returned to Korea, my flight was very late. But everyone came to send me off Very impressed.

Q: I have been working with Thai actors for a while. Did they teach to speak Thai? What words can you say? 

 Jung Il Woo:  Actually, I don’t have time to do anything like that. Not enough time to sleep (laughs). There is no formal Thai word study. But when in front of the event it can be heard out like Hello. Thank you. This is delicious.

Q: Do you want us to teach any Thai words?

Jung Il Woo: think about money (laugh)

Q: Please let the fans follow the Love and lies drama, get the news that this is the last movie before you go into service. 

Jung Il Woo:  Love and lies drama will air on January 9th. The first episode, with 2 run times, will be a great work that everyone hopes for. Two years I will serve in the military. I have filmed many dramas. Leave for everyone to follow during the two years that I’m not here. After I had completed my military service I will definitely do good work for everyone. Thank you.

Two years of service, Jung Il Woo will definitely not make the fans feel lonely with the drama that the male protagonist has prepared for everyone for a long time. And one thing that you shouldn’t miss. “Love and Lies, magic game”, broadcast every Monday-Tuesday at 20:00 on True Four U, Channel 24. Don’t miss!

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How kind is he to leave this drama, for his fans to have something to watch while he was gone…  and let me tell you, it was so wonderful having this drama, there were times when we would not know anything about Ilwoo for a month! It was so long…

I have to say that as a Fan, I always feel well cared for by Ilwoo.  He posts so often in Instagram and shares even bits of his personal life, his tastes, even his home which he doesn’t have to.  And he is so down to Earth… you can see it in the way he treats people.  he values everything and everybody. Oh Ilwoo!