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September 1, 2018

As Ilwoo’s birthday approaches, I decided to write more detailed pages about his schooling. I’ll start with his elementary school. It’s the…

Seoul Daelim Elementary School  (서울대림초등학교)

This is a public elementary School located in the south of Seoul.  It was established in 1973 and opened its doors in 1974.

This is its opening statement or mission:

Seoul Daelim School Opening Statement..png



We sincerely welcome you to visit the website of Daelim Elementary School in Seoul.

The school opened on April 2, 1974 and opened its mind to the idea of ​​”happy child” with “differentiation (sharing, consideration)

Our school homepage is a diverse information providing space to grow into a future talented person with creativity and right personality for Daelim children.

As a place for parents to communicate with each other through communication and cooperation, As a participatory space, we hope to become a space where we can share our passion and beneficial information with our teachers and communicate with them.

This is a place where we can play a role of maintaining organic relationships to achieve common goals through joint thinking. .

I would like to ask your continued encouragement and encouragement to be a school where students are happy,

parents are satisfied,

teachers are rewarded,

and the community develops with the community.

Thank you

These are some photos from the school.  They come from their website, the internet and MGA18.  MGA is a fan that kindly allowed me to share her photos on my website.  Please if you are reposting her photos, she asks that you kindly giver her credit.  Thanks!

Seoul Daelim Elementary School Photos 1Seoul Daelim Elementary School Photos 2Seoul Daelim Elementary School Photos 3Seoul Daelim Elementary School Photos 4


Seoul Seongnam Middle School Photos 2Seoul Seongnam Middle School Photos 1


MGA18 Photos:

Jung II-woo's Elementary School Photos MGA18 1Jung II-woo's Elementary School Photos MGA18 2Jung II-woo's Elementary School Photos MGA18 3Jung II-woo's Elementary School Photos MGA18 4Jung II-woo's Elementary School Photos MGA18 5

These are photos of what Ilwoo Oppa may have looked at this time… these are the youngest I have found aside from the ones he has shown in his Fan Meets.  (But in those he was really young…like 5 and under.)

Jung Il-woo Elementary School Photo.pngJIW Pre-debut 1.jpg

This is the history of the school:

Seoul Daelim Elementary School History..png


School History

※ ※ School History ※

1973.08.01 Established Seoul Daelim Elementary School

1974.04.02 Opened Daelim Elementary School in Seoul (4th grade)

1979.09.28 Opened 16 main classrooms and library rooms

1997.03.01 Elementary School. Number of renovations

1998.02.05 Service opening

 2002.05.20 Extension of teachers (Shin Kwan Dong Information East)

2010.12.31 2010 CTC Utilization Education School Superintendent Recognition

2011.01.11 2010 School Year Ansung School Education Division

2011.03.01 Selected as a bicycle culture demonstration school in

2011-2012.12.20 Awarded the best school evaluation by the school (Director of education and research information)

2012.12.28 Student training education Math travel excellent school Chancellor number

2014.03.01 Launching of the 13th Principal Young-jae Lee

2014-12.01 Gaon-gu, Hae-gu, Gwanam-dong)

2014.12.22 Awarded by the Chancellor of the School with Excellent Basic Education

2015.12.30 Honored with the Education Center of Excellent School for Integrity Education

2016.01.22 Training Room Extension Construction

2016.01.22 Broadcasting Room Modernization Project

2016.10.25 Commendation for anti corruption integrity practice

2016.11.29 Counter-Corruption Cases of Integrity Practice Citation Citation LED Lighting Replacement Electrical Works (14 rooms) Chief of Institutional Education Supervision 47 Classification 4

2016.12.30 Honorary Chair of Anti Curruption and Integrity Education

2016.12.30 2016, Commendation to the excellent training institution of excellent integration

2017.03.01 47 Class organization.

2017.03.01 Inauguration of principal 14th Han Eun-ju 4

2017.05.08 Science room modernization project

2017.1.3 Improvement of the dream bathroom of the main building 4

2017.11.04  Installation of classroom for blind students and special education students

2018.01.31 Award of the superintendent of the excellent school active in the school

2018.03.01 48 Class Organization

2018.03.01 Selected as a Seoul-style Innovation school

2018.03.01 48 Selection as a SW Leading School

This is some practical information of the school:

서울특별시 동작구 대방동 대방동1길 22



And if you are headed to Korea and want to check out the neighborhood where Ilwoo grew up and went to school check THIS page.  I created an “Jung II-woo’s School Tour”

This is a video of another elementary school in Seoul… It gave me an idea of what these schools look like…