Jung Il-woo for WKorea Magazine.

September 16, 2016

In this photo shoot Jung Il-woo looks so stunning… the videos are really well done!

Cr. W Korea.

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2016 9 16 Jung Il-woo for WKorea Magazine. 42016 9 16 Jung Il-woo for WKorea Magazine. 32016 9 16 Jung Il-woo for WKorea Magazine. 12016 9 16 Jung Il-woo for WKorea Magazine. 22016 9 16 Jung Il-woo for WKorea Magazine. 5

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2016 9 16 Jung Il-woo for WKorea. 12016 9 16 Jung Il-woo for WKorea. 22016 9 16 Jung Il-woo for WKorea. 252016 9 16 Jung Il-woo for WKorea. 242016 9 16 Jung Il-woo for WKorea. 232016 9 16 Jung Il-woo for WKorea. 222016 9 16 Jung Il-woo for WKorea. 212016 9 16 Jung Il-woo for WKorea. 202016 9 16 Jung Il-woo for WKorea. 192016 9 16 Jung Il-woo for WKorea. 182016 9 16 Jung Il-woo for WKorea. 172016 9 16 Jung Il-woo for WKorea. 162016 9 16 Jung Il-woo for WKorea. 152016 9 16 Jung Il-woo for WKorea. 142016 9 16 Jung Il-woo for WKorea. 132016 9 16 Jung Il-woo for WKorea. 122016 9 16 Jung Il-woo for WKorea. 112016 9 16 Jung Il-woo for WKorea. 102016 9 16 Jung Il-woo for WKorea. 92016 9 16 Jung Il-woo for WKorea. 82016 9 16 Jung Il-woo for WKorea. 72016 9 16 Jung Il-woo for WKorea. 62016 9 16 Jung Il-woo for WKorea. 52016 9 16 Jung Il-woo for WKorea. 42016 9 16 Jung Il-woo for WKorea. 3

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W Korea interview with Jung Il Woo http://www.wkorea.com/2016/09/01/get-real-정일우/

(translated by Emily) . Cr. Soompi (didixiaoyu)

GET REAL Jung Il Woo

A person who puts complete focus into something lives a real life. Just like how Jung Il Woo whose debut has been 10 years is into something.

Two days were only time that W was able to meet Jung Il Woo in Seoul before he had to leave again to China to film Chinese drama after coming back from Thailand drama shooting. To him, who was busy for the last 2 years where a drama was produced was not important whether it is a Cable or a Web-drama*. “I don’t think I have times when I had a rest for over a week. I’m preparing to enlist in the army and I wanted to shorten the vacuum and also because it has been 10 years since my debut, I wanted to work my best when I was given a chance.” The twenty-year-old who flew up high with the sitcom drama <Unstoppable High kick> knew that a life of an adult cannot always be going up the hill but he was now a thirty-year-old who was making his own way with his integrity. Before the first episode <Cinderella and Four Knights> could even broadcast, he left towards the fall sky of China.

*A drama that is broadcasted online only, not a television.

W Korea: We heard that you came back from Thailand on Monday and starting the shooting Chinese drama on Saturday.

Jung Il Woo: I think I have less time to stay in Korea because I am keep working on dramas. For about 1 year and half I have not had more than a week to rest. Even if I feel exhausted by going overseas and being busy working hard even on a Web-drama, I am enjoying working. Work gives me a feeling that I am happy and I’m actually breathing and living.

Wasn’t the production environment unfamiliar?

I was more careful and alarmed because it was the first time that a foreign actor to play the main role in a Thai drama. I think I felt more responsibility and pressure. I used both Korean and English because it was a dubbed drama, but I was surprised that the production environment was more serious and professional than I thought. There were many staffs who have worked in Hollywood and not only the cameras, but the filming equipment was impressive and highly qualified. I felt that the staffs were working so hard so I put more focus in acting. Even if the languages that we use were different, I think we communicated to each other by feelings. The broadcast starts in January next year.

Did you finish shooting the drama <Cinderella and Four Knights> that is currently being broadcasted before the Thai drama?

I started the <Cinderella and Four Knights> in the beginning of this year before the Thai drama and has been two months since I finished shooting it. I think a pre-produced drama has higher quality in completion because it is more timely relaxed and we can shoot it as we talk more about details. When we were shooting the first and second episodes we kept editing it so we had to shoot it a lot of times.

The original version of this drama is an online novel and it seems like it is a story of teenagers’ taste. What attracted you to choose this drama?

Like what you said, it is a drama that is targeting that age group. I know I have done serious and heavy dramas like <The Night Watchman’s Journal>, but I wanted to do a lighter and young drama before I turn 30. I wanted to do this kind of drama before I enlist because I haven’t done anything like it for about 6-7 years. I also wanted to enjoy working with actors and actresses at my age.


How was working with actors like Park So Dam and Ahn Jae Hyun, etc.?

At the <Cin.Four.Kni.> shooting site, I was senior than almost the other actors. Since I am an actor with 10 years of experiences in this industry, I started to accept the matter of having younger actors and actresses at the site. Ahn Jae Hyun is a mysterious person. He is bright, funny, has unexpected sides of him, and is eccentric. Lee Jung Shin is kind, youngest, and also a brother* who is well-mannered that I want to take care of. I was stimulated by Park So Dam. She has high concentration at the shooting site, and is also even good at a relaxed and natural acting. It might not have been easy for her to work on a drama because she has been working on movies until now but she adapted it very well.

*The word dongsaeng (brother / sister) doesn’t always mean biological younger siblings but also is used for acquainted younger people.]

How are you feeling about 10th year since your debut?

Because I turned exactly 30 after 10 years since my debut, the 10 years come at me clearer than ever. When I look back at that time, there are unsatisfied, regretful, and of course, proud things that I did. More than anything, I want to self-praise myself who endured in this industry for 10 years. I know there is a long way but I wish there is more relaxedness in my 30s. I think the chances to develop better comes from that relaxedness.

In what way of relaxedness?

Knowing that things don’t always work out as you think even if you work really hard. Of course, earnestness has to be in the basis but furthermore, eyes with a big sight have to be there too. I was told to act relaxed and when I actually did it, better results came out and it became more comfortable. I think putting too much tense in acting and trying so hard to look cool are easily discovered by the audience. A few years ago one of my acquaintances told me, “When you are crying in the act, it feels like you’re doing a crying act. My heart doesn’t feel it.” These words helped me a lot. Other than changing my acting style, I am trying to think that acting is also part of life and trying to take each step one by one.

Since I am hearing a lot of plans that you have looking ahead of your 30s, how was your 20s?

I was told to have a lot of experiences to become a good actor that the range of expressions would be expanded. Before my debut, I was raised in an ordinary and peaceful family, and lived a calm life. In movies or dramas, situations like your loved one dying in front of you happen, but you know how these things do not usually happen in ordinary people’s lives. That was same with me too. And then, after the debut I experienced difficult situations. There were times when I was betrayed, discouraged, failed, and also regretted. Also there were times when I was sick, and when my grandmother passed away. I think I am learning what a life is and becoming more mature after all these experiences are getting layered on my inner-self. And I’m thinking that a act of pretending to be something would gradually reduce.

If you look back at the 10 years, what do you think?

That I really didn’t know anything (laugh). However, if I didn’t have that time, myself at the present would not be here either. I sometimes think how it would be good if I could go back, but I don’t think there is a guarantee that it will be better even if I go back. The reason why I’m working so hard right now is that I want to leave more pieces of work. One of the things that I regret is that I didn’t do a lot of work after my debut. I even didn’t have a lot of courage at 20s when I could’ve learned more things, and I also think I pulled myself back. I had a lucky and successful debut but after that I experienced failure and despair. I felt like being floated so early and then suddenly sinking. When I started to practice throwing away my pride, then I met the turning point of my life. Back then it felt like so many people who were looking for me were turning their backs on me suddenly. I think it was not an easy life.

Are you relaxed now?

Luckily, I never abandoned the thought that I could go back up again.

Where does that confidence come from?

I think I have higher self-esteem than confidence. I am actually a very anxious person, but when I realized that kind of personality does not help me, I changed my mind to face the hard times. That’s why I went to China and Thailand with a mind to face it. Because the time that is given for me is anyhow still going, so there was no need for me to be scared and not to go just because some other industries are not settled yet, I could be the first to develop that industry. I think I was born at the right era because it’s a fortune for a Korean actor to work in other countries.


Aren’t there any difficulties because of culture differences?

China is very intimate to me because I have travelled there many times when I was young and my sister has studied there for a long time too. I was surprised about Thai people’s kindness and manners when I was staying in Thailand for quite a long time for the drama. They greeted others with a smile and had manners of making co-workers to feel comfortable.

Were there any other interesting things that you found at the Thai drama filming site?

Since it is a hot country, there were well-prepared trailers and bedrooms for the actors and actresses to rest. I had to finish filming all of my scenes everyday for one and half months because I started the shooting in the midst of this drama and I had Chinese drama schedules ahead. Everyday when all the work was finished at about 10 pm, I would wash myself at the inn, and if I read all the lines that were translated to Korean, I only had 2-3 hours to sleep. I also learned that you have to read the cues quickly if you are working with foreign staffs. Sometimes other actors were amazed at how I could read all the scripts.

Is that an exemplary side of you?

I wanted to do well as a first Korean actor who got the main role in Thai drama because this work could affect the whole images of all the Korean actors and actresses. First of all, I was praised that I have good physical energy and could memorize all the lines. Actually, I had nose bleeding everyday and one time I had to get injections of Ringer’s solution for three times because of my dizziness (laugh).

What was the first thing you wanted to do when you come back to Korea?

I wanted to drink so-maek*. I am not a good drinker but when I was in different countries, a cup of beer that I drank after one day’s schedule gave me a break from my loneliness. Now when I meet my friends I like drinking so-maek other than coffees.

*so-maek: Soju and maekjoo (beer) mixed together.

You have 1 million Instagram followers. Do you have any rules of managing it?

I do all of taking pictures and writing the words. Some people could say that it is a waste of time but I think you could appeal different sides of you if you use it well and it is a good channel for actors to communicate with the fans. I could easily show my fans overseas how I live. However, I try not to look at it when I work. Sometimes I even leave my cell phone in the room.

I saw you did cooking class with the fans in Instagram. Are you a good cook?

When I was young I had to eat meals alone many times because both parents had to work. I think I picked up my good cooking skills from my grandmother who was also a good cook. Our family has an environment that men should cook for themselves too. I like cooking and feel happy when others eat my food. One time I appeared as a guest at a cooking program that was like a Chinese version of <Star Chef>. Then I learned knife skills and how to cook Chinese food. I am good at making stew. When my staffs and I went on a trip, I made seafood jjamppong* and they liked it very much. Even when I’m in a different country I always go to a mart and I like grocery shopping when I stay with my family too. I always accumulate points into my card.

* Jjamppong: A Korean spicy noodle soup with seafood and red pepper powder.

I think you would fit better in the <Three Meals a Day> than <Running Man>.

I’m not really a variety show person but I like programs that are physical and active. I love working out so even when I am in different countries I play badminton, do running, and work out at a gym whenever there is time. I also have finished the marathon ‘NIKE We Run Seoul 10K’ for three times before.

It seems you go to foreign art fairs and exhibition halls. Is there a reason why you got interested in art?

I had much interests in visual things since I was young because my mother is working in the fashion industry and also my older sister has studied fashion design. When I was on family trips, I became to have a habit of going to galleries and art museums. Still now I like going on trips that I can stay in art museums for the whole day, drink coffees and look at the pieces. I sometimes want to buy few pieces that I like but I am really not starting it because I still live with my parents.

You participated with narration in the band MAAN’s album and they even went to your Japan fan meeting. I’m curious how you got related to them.

My friend from middle school is the drummer in the band so he participated in the original soundtrack of <Flower Boy Ramen Shop>. The band MAAN are my friends that I always thank who come to my fan meetings overseas. I think I am loyal to the relationships that I once made, and they last long. Also my fans who were always there for me by my side during the times when I was happy and even when I was having difficult times are important to me. I always get stimulated to work really hard even just for these people. I always think I need to grow up and make progress other than being successful.

Do you have many opportunities to communicate with the fans? Like a fan site?

I read a lot at the fan sites and sometimes there are people who wait for me at the filming site or airports. My fans are very honest so if my acting is weird or not good, they literally say it. Also I wanted to celebrate my 10th anniversary so I’m going on a train trip with my fans in September. I’m paying all the fees and with 300 fans, we are going to Chuncheon to eat barbecue, and play games. Many of my long-lasting Korean fans are like my family or friends and Chinese fans show their feelings without hiding them. Japanese fans see me from afar quietly. It feels marvelous and gives me energy.

How much are you close to the 30-year-old that you’re dreaming of?

I welcomed my age of 30 listening to Kim Kwang-Seok’s ‘Around Thirty’ with my friends such as Lee Min Ho, and Kim Bum who I was intimate since I was young. I actually felt a little empty. When I became 20 I was just happy but I felt that the age of 30 came too early like I did not achieve anything. Now I feel that time precious and valuable. If I learned how the world is going around by going through a lot of experiences, now I think 30s is time to turn my sight to my inner-self to grow it out.

Is there any advice that you want to give to yourself at 20s?

I want to tell stories that directions in life and future can change depends on how your attitude is. I think I felt anxious when there was no work and things did not work out. Even if it is the same work, there is a big difference between enjoying it and just doing it because you have to.

What are the things that you believe about yourself?

I think there is nothing impossible in this world. If I really wanted it and tried my best, dramas and other work were always accomplished. I never put down my belief that I could always go up again even if there were difficult times. I was always optimistic that I can be a better person and get recognized other than having a strong ambition that I will be successful. Trying my best is something that I always have to do.

What do you want to do before departure?

I do not have time because I have to look at the scripts crazily but I wish I could have time to drink with my middle school friends.