Jung Il woo for Theater + Magazine.

December, 2019



This is the translation using Google Translate.  It is not great but gives some idea about what it says.  Though short it had new information he had not revealed before…

Being Jung-il is far from being deficient. Not like that. By the age of six, my mother had been away for three years to go abroad to study. When I was young, I still remember missing my mother’s love. Of course, it is not necessary to have a similar experience to create a character, but Michael has a consensus, but I want to understand.

This dream is the first work with the actors of <Eli Find Song>. Anyway, the first place where the greeting is said. Lee Suk-Jun led us very pleasantly and fun, so I could relax. There was a former actor who appeared in <Elephant Song> and another actor who participated like me for the first time. This is the first time a system called triple casting, which is positively stimulated. Kang Seung-ho and Kwak Dong-yeon are older brothers, but they have a lot to learn.

Michael and Greenberg Station are psychologically cast bridges. Lee Suk-joon. Koh Young-bin and the two victorious seniors have different acting styles. When you breathe in with your seniors, the acting changes naturally. Suk-jun and Lee certainly have a sense of stability, and it seems to be a little warmer with Young-bin. In fact, I feel more like Michael playing with Greenberg when I’m a victorious senior with a slight difference in age. I think this difference makes the show more interesting.

How about going to college every day for practice? So good. I felt while doing <Beautiful Sunday>, but I feel like I’m in college. I like to come to see the show, and I like to talk with actors and actresses after the show. I think that’s the biggest attraction of all. Nowadays, I practice more than ten hours every day.

Biggest | ATTENTION, PLEASE The play <Elephant Win> period November 22, 2019 -February 2, 2020. Fri 20:00 1 Sat. Sun 14:00 17:00 Place Yes 21 Stage 3 appearance Precision Woo, Class Ho, Kwak Dong-yeon, Lee Seok-jun, Ko Young-bin, Lim Seung-win, etc.  Class No., Kwak Dong Yeon Lee, Suk-Jun Price All 50,000 won

I don’t have any physical strength left, but once the performance goes up, I think I’ll have a chance to have a drink with the actors of <10 talent Song>. I will try to focus on my own until the opening.

Michael hasn’t sent off since he appeared on stage. It seems that you need to be prepared for your lines or concentration. To be honest, I’m scared. Seems to die. But not all actors have the same mind. I think there is no answer out of thorough preparation. Ambassadors are very wow. I did not clean up ambassadors even during <View Taum Sunday>. This time, however, I’m a little worried because I’ve set Michael as a fast-paced character. Greenberg is thinking about trying to ‘concoct’ at the speed of the ambassador to cook.

The first performance left only ten grooves. Isn’t it tense. The first show is such a thing that always seems to burst humidification. No matter how you practice on the same stage, there is no one with the audience in the auditorium, so I don’t know how it feels. I want to meet the audience as soon as possible, but I’m scared like in the time of Beautiful Sunday.


This is the second time I read about Ilwoo missing his mother as a little boy.  Three years is a very long time for a young child like he was.  Maybe the translation is off?

And how nervous he was… 10 hours of practice a day?  WOOw!!!