Jung Il-woo Fan Art Gallery

Jung Il-woo art inspired by "El Palacio de Correos" Madrid, Spain.JPG

I have always wanted to do this!  I’m so excited to inaugurate a virtual Jung Il-woo Fan Art Gallery on this website!

But how to do this?  I will collect and post (with credit) the best artwork that I see out in the internet about our dear Oppa.  If you see your work here and don’t like it, feel free to contact me through this website.  If I don’t hear from you, I will assume you are delighted! 🙂

I feel I should have some sort of organization…so I think I’ll do it by names like: ‘Jung Il-woo free designs,’ ‘Drama Il-woo,’ ‘Jung Jokes,’ and ‘Jfrog Designs.’  I will also have my personal section as I do a lot of digital art all the time for Jung Il-woo. This gallery will include any kind of art: hand drawn and painted, digital, and app edited.  I will enjoy doing this greatly!

Click on the headings below to open up a page hopefully full of art.  If it does not link to anywhere, it means I have not done it yet.  It will take time to do all this…  And please!  Remember to credit the many artists should you choose to repost! Thank you!

Jung Il-woo Art by Hand

Jung Il-woo Photo Art

Jung Il-woo Digital Art

Jung Il-woo Anime Art

Jung Il-woo Social Media Art

Jung Il-woo wallpaper

Jung jokes

Jfrog designs

Jung Il-woo by Fan 13