Jung Il woo tests positive for Covid 19

January 3, 2022

So, so sad to read this.   I wish him a prompt recovery!   We know he is in the loving hands of his mom and family and that brings comfort.

Here is an article translated via Google Translate and its source.

Actor Jung Il-woo has been infected with Corona 19. On the afternoon of the 3rd, the PCR test result was confirmed as positive.

Jung Il-woo was invited as the main character of ‘SNL Korea’ Season 2 (7th). On the 30th and 31st of last month, we filmed some corners outdoors. At this time, it is known that he is infected with Corona 19.

SNL’s negligence caused a series of infections. Despite the fact that comedian Jung Yi-rang informed that there was something wrong with his body, the production team pushed ahead with Jung Il-woo’s filming without separating the staff.

A production official told ‘Dispatch’, “Jeong Rang was not feeling well on the 30th, so he dropped out of filming that day (7th episode).

However, one of the filming staff finally tested positive. Jung Il-woo was also infected with Corona 19 after filming that day. Heo Seong-tae also heard the news late and proceeded with a PCR test.

It is unfortunate that SNL’s poor quarantine response. In the case of Jung Yi-Rang, he appeared in Heo Seong-Tae’s episode on the 27th of last month. And three days later, she complained of health problems. She was not a problem that could be solved by excluding only Lee and Jeong.

A broadcasting official pointed out to ‘Dispatch’, “It is right to stop recording if something is wrong with your health.” “The actor takes off the mask and shoots.

In addition, SNL did not notify the confirmed cases in time. On the 31st of last month, in the case of Jung Yi-rang, he tested positive for Corona. However, it was delivered to Jung Il-woo and Ha Seong-tae on the evening of the 2nd. It had been two days.

SNL’s response also raises concerns about another serial infection. Needless to say, the two-day (notice) vacancy overlaps with the Lunar New Year holiday. The possibility of spreading to family members and close acquaintances cannot be ruled out.

Regarding this, ‘SNL2’ explained, “We check the number of people participating in the recording every week for infection with a simple kit or PCR test.”

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Jiho Kim (jebo@dispatch.co.kr)

Here is another article translated via Google Translate and its source.

Actor Jung Il-woo has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

On the 3rd, according to officials from the entertainment industry, Jung Il-woo performed a PCR test for COVID-19 and came out positive today.

It seems that Jung Il-woo was infected with Corona by the production team of Coupang Play ‘SNL Korea’. He has already completed the third dose of Pfizer’s vaccine, and filmed for ‘SNL Korea’ last weekend. Among them, a confirmed case emerged from the production crew, and Jung Il-woo began to detect abnormalities in his body from Monday. He conducted the test, and as a result of the positive test result, he plans to cancel all schedules and take measures according to the guidelines of the quarantine authorities.

Coupang Play announced on the same day that the episode of ‘SNL Korea’ Jung Il-woo, which was scheduled to be recorded this week and released on the 5th, has been canceled. Upon receiving the news that one of the production crew was confirmed to have COVID-19, all the staff and cast members were tested for COVID-19. The future filming and broadcasting schedules will be decided at a later date in consideration of the safety of the staff and cast in accordance with the guidelines of the quarantine authorities.

Reporter Jinseok Kim, Entertainment News Team kim.jinseok1@jtbc.co.kr (Content Business Headquarters)


On one hand  feeling upset about the negligence with the SNL production team…

On the other just some thoughts. So many people are getting it now. Many of my colleagues and students and it reached my family last week in Spain as well.  Maybe this is how it ends?  We all get it eventually and we get herd immunity?  We do have to be so thankful that its milder now due to the vaccine.

May GOD bless you Jung Il woo!  And your family!  As always, I am with you in prayer.


Update: February 11, 2022

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