Jung II-woo in Vol 90. of MMA Magazine

August 30, 2017

Jung II-woo was featured in Military Manpower Administration magazine.  Here are the photos and the translation (via Google) is right after.  Though it is sketchy at times, you get a sense of what he thinks and feels.

(Update April 11, 2018)

I found an English version of this magazine!  Cr. Chan.  Thank you Chan!!!2017 8 30 Jung II-woo in Vol 90. of MMA Magazine 00004

2017 8 30 Jung II-woo in Vol 90. of MMA Magazine 00001

2017 8 30 Jung II-woo in Vol 90. of MMA Magazine 000032017 8 30 Jung II-woo in Vol 90. of MMA Magazine 00002


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I am educated at social service training center and the social welfare training center of Korea Health and Welfare Human Resources Development Center and now I am serving in the elderly care center in Seocho-gu, Seoul. For the people who need it, I have a variety of eggs. ( eggs=possibilities?) I also help the bathing rehabilitation campaign for this inconvenient place. I meet with various people using public transportation. During the service hours, I went to the English institute with 917/2. I do not think of two years as a disconnected time. Laughing 017bf laughter) I actually thought so. As a actor, I have been running for 10 years as an actor. I think it is important to spend two years as a social worker. I think that it is time to fill in the water that is lacking to grow into a better actor in the future and experience more. So, Seocho-gu Rip Elderly Care Center has a warm heart and a positive energy.

I was told that I had difficulty in entering the hospital because I was in the right time to be able to break the spring in my warm feet. In fact, I got twenty-seven at the age of 20 due to traffic accidents. A dangerous disease that could be killed if it bursts like a balloon). I was told that I could become a military exemption. But I did not ask for a re-examination. I just wanted to fulfill my recovery sincerely. The reason I went to the army without telling the truth about the worries of my family was to act as an actor. I know that it is not an easy thing to do it. At first, I was acting actively, but I received a lot of support and social support, but I was very supportive because I knew that it was an aneurysm. And most of all, if I was a Korean man, I would have to go for good. I wanted to. 

It  is hard to work hard, but if you get an exemption, you will not be able to show yourself to yourself. So I came to think that I should do my military duty faithfully. (Laughs) I heard that the pheasant pack is a lot better than the pheasant pheasant, and the pheasant leaves are very similar to the pheasant. The word “phe” means red, I do not like to see an aibo, but I have a laughing Holy Hol.  I felt embarrassed in a nursing home and I feel embarrassed. This job training was able to awaken my role and pride as a social worker, as well as welfare minds became more solid. I was taught that I had a healthy and heartwarming staff during my education period. I had a lot of thoughts. When I received job training, I went to a peace counseling session with my grandfather. My grandparents loved me because I could not do other activities.

Thought 01 When I went to a super aged society, I thought that welfare and benefits for elderly people would be even better. In order to do this, we need a lot of welfare personnel, and social service agents are playing an important role in the society at hand. Our social workers are indispensable to society. There are many negative olopes for social workers. But I hope the people will look into it with a deeper affection. X4ggaegregere The arm that is easy to enjoy was a topic of donation activity before the entrance to the campus, but I was interested in the culture of sharing about the difficult neighborhood. So I usually try to volunteer and donate more often. I made a donation activity for my young son overseas before joining. I was very helpful to my fans because I joined in. ” . I will try to do my best with pride in the service of the fund. I think that if I get worse, the Siamese will be more interested in it. 44 Mrs. Rye, who is running, is better than the guard is urve.mose,

I am planning to study English in the future and I want to be a bigger person when I return to English and books as much as possible. This is also a promise to myself before enlistment. I also work hard and have a bad part of my body I changed my mind, and my father said, “Two years of military service will not come back again. I want you to spend the time for me. I want to spend the rest of my time. I want to become such an actor who is immersed in the work rather than stand out alone. Apart from roles and roles, there is one step and actor writing and acting in a good scenario.

What I want to say to young people and fans who are faithfully fulfilling military service obligation is Korea I live hard every day for Wants to send a message of support to all people. I am also trying hard to help society as a rescue worker. Although the funding moments are sometimes hard and tough, I am doing my best with joy, thinking that Korea is a small business for my growth. I think that everyone else will be the same. “I applaud and praise every youth for the message of youth admiration. And I want to say that I am so grateful to all the fans who wait with unwavering heart. As an actor who is not against the expectation of fans, I promise that I will meet you and see all the good works after life. I love you all and I will be happy.

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This article made me so happy!  Loved that he seems to be in peace with himself doing Civic vs. Military duty.  It also seemed evident that it took him a a bit of process to get to that peace.  Loved that he is learning English!  Maybe he will come to this side of the world?!!!  Just the thought!!!
The part that I highlighted in red brought me to tears. He remembers us and has heard our message…be happy, enjoy your time off, we are OK, we will be here when you get back…So sweet!