Interview with Sohu February 1, 2015.


Sohu Video: Say hello to the friends who love you.

Ding Yiyu: Hello everyone, Sohu’s friends, I am Ding Yiyu.

Sohu Video: Will there be any special preparations for the Beijing fans to meet?

Ding Yiyu: I just held Taiwan’s Fanmeeting not long ago. Taiwan’s Fanmeeting has prepared a lot of different links, so fans are very fond of it, and I am very excited and nervous.

Sohu Video: I talked about the previous trip and want to travel with my family. Where do I want to travel?

Ding Yiyu: After filming the “Night Watcher’s Diary”, I went to Europe for nearly 20 days. It was a Healing time for me, and I went on a trip with my family on December 31st. Have a good and enjoyable time with your family on vacation in Bali.

Sohu Video: What is Ding Yiyu’s favorite style of private service?

Ding Yiyu: Because I am now a 20-year-old male paper. (Laughs) I like to wear casual dresses, I can’t always wear casual clothes like I was a child, and I care about fashion myself, and I will challenge different styles.

Sohu video: Today’s dress is also very handsome, is it with you?

Ding Yiyu: Thank you, these are all I like to buy.

Sohu Video: Can you tell us about the latest works and plans?

Ding Yiyu: After the filming of “The Nightwatcher’s Log”, I have been busy with Fanmeeting. The work has not yet been determined, and I hope to select the works within the first half of this year. How to say it, romantic love comedy also wants to try to do it. In fact, after winning the prize last year, I have always had a big burden. I will try my best to meet you with better works. So far, there are no specific plans.

Sohu Video: Is there a plan to come to China?

Ding Yiyu: In fact, if there is an opportunity, I also hope to appear in Chinese movies and TV series or variety shows. For these, I have been working hard to prepare, please look forward to it.

Sohu Video: What is the meaning of acting? What kind of actors do you want to be?

Ding Yiyu: How do you say that I will be fully devoted to each work when shooting. The reason for traveling is to fill the vacancy time. I wanted to enjoy my time alone and chose to travel. Actor’s words, I want to be a qualified actor, give fans who have been giving me support and support me. I have been working hard to show better acting skills, and I want to show that I am always developing and growing.

Sohu Video: What are the reasons for frequent online interaction with fans?

Ding Yiyu: The reason for interacting with Chinese fans on Weibo, because we are separated by two places, but want to show that the heart is very close, just want to communicate with fans. I will speak Chinese, do you miss me? Although there are many Chinese speakers, my Chinese strength is shown to everyone in the works and Fanmeeting.

Sohu video: Who are the fans in the entertainment industry?

Ding Yiyu: Lee Min Ho, Kim Fan is a very close friend. Because everyone is very busy, I have been using SMS to contact SNS, and I will see it every six months.

Sohu Video: Is there a plan to challenge the villain?

Ding Yiyu: If you have the chance, of course you want to try. I don’t think actors can fix their roles or images. If there is a chance, I also want to try such a role.

Sohu video: Why is the 11.04 circle on the desk calendar?

Ding Yiyu: On November 4th, it was actually a wrong bid. It should be November 6th, the day of my debut. Every year on November 6th, fans will give me gifts and think about me.

Sohu Video: Sohu Video has interviewed you eight times, hoping to interview you all the time.

Ding Yiyu: Yes, I hope so too. I hope that I will come to interview me every time I go to China.

Sohu video: Finally, I would like to say a few words to your friends who are interested in Sohu video.

Ding Yiyu: Friends of Sohu Happy New Year. Today, Fanmeeting was held for the first time in Beijing. In order to repay everyone’s love for me, I will try my best to show better acting. The weather is cold, pay attention to the cold. I hope everyone has been happy. Thank you.

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