Interview by Sports Chosun

December 4, 2007

This article was taken from Ilwoo’s Room. (It’s a website!  Not his real room!)

English (Via Google Translate)

Yuno of “exceptionally high kick” came back. While enjoying the popularity that does not stop at one sitcom, Jeong il who raced around his older sister fans meet fans at the movie “My Love” (Director Lee Han).

Among the four love stories of the movie, Jeong Il expresses the unexpected love of college students along with the newest star Youni. He undertook gradually falling student role students to pushing for not being passive or aggressive of a junior woman, Lee Youni, who tells me sake. He caught in a junior as he drew a cup of liquor all the time was a soft man, not Juno, a rebellious child in Sitcom.

By the way, he can also aim for starring if he thinks only about popularity, he chose this movie to be with the seniors who are so, such as Kam Woo Sung, Choi Gang-hee, Ryu Seung-ryong, Om Taeung and others.

“There was a lot of burden on sudden popularity, I chose” my love “with my attitude to learn like the first time.”

So it was an omnibus format, so I went all the way to visit the shrine even though the shooting did not overlap with my seniors, greeted and asked for an acting story. It is a simple figure that is 21 years old at a young age.

Whether it is due to this sexuality, Jeon Il is quite serious about his attitude towards the work as compared with her age.

“When you start a job, the mini homepage closes for the first time, if you fall into a computer you lose concentration, I will see the script at that time.” Additionally, the performance monitor is also essential. Even if I got a night shoot when I was “exceptionally high kick”, even when I got sleep deprivation, I always tried collecting the broadcast.

“I started acting now, I dislike shaking for one small thing.” So acting and life, I do not show any disorder in all aspects. It seemed that he could not be tempted by the temptation of an entertainment culture which is prone to fall at this age.

Jung and Il who have been aikido, taekwondo, kendo etc. since childhood. Like a martial arts ahead of Dalian, the attitude of acting is never disturbed.

Japanese Version

『思いっきりハイキック』のユノが帰ってきた。 シットコム一つで止まらない人気を享受しながら、姉ファンたちを乗り回したチョン・イルが映画『私の恋』(監督イ・ハン)でファンたちと会う。

映画の4つのラブストーリーの中で、チョン・イルは新鋭スターイ・ヨニと共に、大学生の初々しい愛を表現する。 彼は「酒を教えてくれ」という後輩女性イ・ヨニの消極的なのか積極的なのか分からない押しに、徐々に陥る復学生役を引き受けた。 酒を一杯一杯引き寄せる度に後輩にはまっていく彼は、シットコムの中の反抗児ユノでなく、やわらかい男であった。


「突然の人気に負担が多かったです。 初めてのように学ぶという姿勢で『私の恋』を選びました。」

それでオムニバス形式だから、先輩たちと撮影が一度も重ならないのにわざわざ訪ねて行って、挨拶して演技談を聞きにいった。 21歳という幼い年齢で簡単ではない立派な姿だ。


「仕事を始めればミニホームページは一番最初に閉じます。 コンピュータに陥れば集中力が落ちるんですよ。その時間に台本を見ます。」その上演技モニターも欠かさない。『思いっきりハイキック』の時、夜中撮影をして、睡眠不足になっても放送は必ず取りまとめてみた。


幼いころから合気道、テコンドー、剣道などしてきたチョン・イル。 まるで大連を控えた武道のように、演技に臨む姿勢は乱れることがない。