High End Crush (고품격 짝사랑)(高品格单恋)

This drama is also known in English as ‘High End Love’ and ‘Clueless High Class Unrequited Love.’ Jung Il-woo plays a very economically rich and powerful CEO: Choi Se-hoon who is the owner of a talent agency and falls in love for the very first time.  He becomes obsessed by a beautiful woman who is rich in honor and common sense but unlike him does not care nor have money or fame.  She has lived alone in a mountain since her grandfather died and has a very simple life.  They are very different so a lot hilarious moments of misunderstandings happen between them.

Hig End Crush is a Korean-Chinese Web drama produced by SOHU TV from China.  It aired on November 14 of 2015. It was very successful and after only 4 months it reached 200 million views in China.  On SOHU TV is currently has over 3 billion views!

General Credits:

It was written by Sin Yoo-dam and directed by Ji Yeong-Soo

Aside from Jung Il woo and Jin Se-yeon as Yoo Yi-ryung as the leads, the supporting cast includes:


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