Haechi (SBS) (Hatch)(해치)

Jung Il-woo in Haechi Episode 21 (41-42) Cr. SBS. Website Photos 4

This is Jung Il-woo’s first drama coming back from doing his military service.  It couldn’t have been a better come back drama!  Haechi tells the story of King yeongjo’s rise to the throne. His younger years had not been covered in any drama and this gave Jung Il-woo a great chance to come up with his very unique Prince Lee Geum and then King Yeongjo.  He does a phenomenal job!  His character starts out as an irresponsible man, drinking and partying all the time with disregard to any responsibility or believe in his life.  Little by little we see him change and become this righteous person and King.  The cast couldn’t have been better!  Every character was strong… and well written.  The cinematography, the editing and the ability to keep us engaged and even surprise us sometimes!  So great!  And the costumes and make up… Jung il-woo looked so gorgeous!

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