Kribbit Issue 1, Page 36: Delight in Cherry Blossoms with Korean History.

Jinhae Naval Port Cherry Blossom Festival. Cr.

Editor: Shim Woori.   Translated to English by Fan 13 and her Korean Tutor!

The best way to feel spring is to see the cherry blossoms.  Here are the best places where you can enjoy the romance of Spring with some history.

# Namsan Park #Cherry Blossom #Road                                                                Where you can see the last cherry blossom in Seoul.

For Seoul people Nasam is something so usual as the names Jane and John, it’s because of this that you may hear the surprised reaction “You go to Namsam to see the Cherry Blossoms?!  But when you walk through the well paved trails winding mountain ridge of Mt. Namsan, you can smell the sweet cherry blossoms and discover famous places hidden within. Among them, Namsangol Hanok Village, located at the beginning of the ascension, is a village that moved and restored five traditional Korean Hanok houses scattered around Seoul. In addition to furniture and traditional household items, the traditional garden with pavilions and ponds has been restored to its original form, making it feel like you are returning to the Joseon era by riding a cherry blossom time machine. In addition, Namsan Park, where the cherry blossoms are latest to bloom in Seoul, restored the Namsan Bonsudae ‘남산봉수대’ (A Fire warning station) in the 1990s and became a representative park in Seoul. In particular, the cherry blossom tunnel leading from the Namsan Library to the entrance of the North Seoul Tower is a spectacular sight. When you keep walking on the cherry blossom road, you can see the following places: “Sam sun ‘삼순이‘ staircase” which has the Shrine Waryongmyo  ‘와룡묘’ of the filming of the popular drama ‘내 이름은 김삼순 ‘, where there is a shrine dedicated to Jegalong-myon ‘제갈공명‘ who was a politician of the Three Kingdoms period. If you climb a 262m high mountain top along the cherry blossom road, you can see the panoramic view of the city center of Seoul. Before it’s too late, walk slowly through the Namsan Park Cherry Blossom Way and listen to the sounds of Spring.

Cherry Blossom N Seoul Tower Cr. Blossom N Seoul Tower 2.jpgCr. (both photos)


Subway line No. 3,4 Chungmuro station exit 4, walk 5 min

2 namsangol Korean village, walk 12 min
namsan park trail 남산공원산책로, walk 13! min
waryongmyo 와룡묘 ,walk 20 min


namsan fire warning place 남산봉수대, walk 3 min
N seoul tower N서울타워

# Mongchon Earthern Fortress’s  # Seongnae Stream                                       Only I know of the Cherry Blossom Road that no many people know of in Seoul

Seongnae Stream Cherry Blossom Road. It is less known than Seokchon Lake located nearby, so you can enjoy a leisurely stroll. It is famous for its promenade that local residents love to walk rather than to see cherry blossoms. It is especially convenient to enjoy cherry blossom viewing because it is so close that it takes less than 5 minutes on foot from the subway Jamsil station to Seongnae Stream Cherry Blossom road. If you are disappointed with poor cherry blossoms then visit ‘Mongchon ‘ located in the Olympic Park near the end of cherry blossom viewing. Mongchon Toseong is the most popular excursion spot for those who enjoy the cherry blossoms at the Olympic Park in spring and fall. Hansung Baekje Museum, where you can meet the cherry blossom road a little bit, captures the unique appearance of boat shaped. Baekje history The period of 678 years of Seoul was the capital 493 years, so there are many remains of Baekje all over Seoul. Among them, Mongchon Saturn is the most representative place. Through the Han Sung Baekje Museum, it is possible to meet from the agricultural society centered on Han River in the Paleolithic Age to the history of Baekje which was splendid. If you are saddened by the cherry blossoms at the Olympic Park, listening to the Cherry Blossom Way is also a great way to enrich your cherry blossom walking experience.

“Mongchon Earthern Fortress is an ancient earthen rampart dating from the Baekje kingdom. It appears to have played the same role in defending the region the fortifications constructed on Mt. Acha. The fortification walls are estimated to have been about 2.7 km in length and approximately 6-7 meters high. The fortifications of Mongchon Earthern had two unique features: a palisade atop the wall and a moat surrounding its base. They are part of Wiryeseong with Pungnaptoseong. It is located what is now in the Olympic Park of SeoulSouth Korea.”   Cr. 

Seongnae Stream Cherry Blossom Road By Sagase48 .pngSeongnae Stream by Sagase48


Subway line No. 2 Jamsil naru exit 1, waking 5 mins

Seongnae stream cherryblossom road, walking 18 mins

Mongshontoseong Fortress’s road, walking 18 mins

Hanseon Baekje museum, walking 5 mins

Soma art museum

#Jinhae Naval port festival #cheeryblossom road                                              Non stop cherry blossom

Cherry blossom road Cherry blossoms bloom all at once, making up over 350,000 cherries each year. Gyeongnam Jinhae is one of the most visited places in Korea for Cherry Blossoms. It is not an exaggeration to say that all the towns are covered with cherry blossoms. The 1.5km cherry blossom road is a tourist attraction that attracts tourists to see the biggest cherry blossom festival in the whole country. One of the most popular attractions in the Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival is the famous photo zone called ‘Romance Bridge’, which is the place where you can admire cherry blossoms from the entrance of the domestic water research institute to the vicinity of Jinhae train station. In particular, the Naval Academy, which is only open during the opening of the Armed Forces, is one of the must-see places in the Armed Forces. It is a great opportunity to appreciate the beautiful blend of blue sea and cherry blossoms, as well as various experience events such as naval academy museum, turtle ship viewing, and naval uniform gear. Located in the center of Jinhae city, you can use the 365 steps called “One Year Stage” or you can climb to the top of the park by monorail. Cherry blossoms lined up along the railway tracks create a picture-like landscape that looks like it’s coming out of the movie. Now, the Jinhae line is stopped and the train does not operate, but the Kyeonghwa Station area has been transformed into a public park, which is becoming popular as a different tourist attraction.

Jinhae Naval Port Cherry Blossom Festival. Cr. Cr.

Jinhae Naval Port Cherry Blossom Festival. Cr.  That photo is so impresive!


Jinhae station, walk 15 mins

Yeojwa stream, walk 3 mins

Romance bridge, walk 15 mins

Jinhae Romance Bridge Cr. Klook.jpgCr. Klook

Inland water environment ecology park, by car 8 mins

Naval academy, walk 11 mins

Jehwangsan park, by car 9 min

Gyeonghwa train station

#King cherry blossom road.                                                                                      The first to meet cherry blossoms

It may be winter in the mainand, Jeju is a place where you can meet Spring and Spring flowers one step ahead of any other area in Korea, from the end of March that opened around the beginning of April The cherry blossoms that have begun to bloom will be lit up by the pinkish wave.  Among them, “Chongryong Won Road Cherry Blossom Festival” is held at the Cherry Chongryong Won Road blossom street is the most famous cherry blossom spot in Jeju. During the celebration period, not only the cherry blossoms shining brightly under the sun but also the night cherry blossoms that illuminated by night lights are even more special. Walking a short distance through Chongno Road, you can see three holes on the ground of a centuries-old big cherry tree on the yard. It is the place where old Jeju, (which was Tamra country’s first ancestor Sijo was born), and it is full of those who want to capture the blend of cherry blossoms and ki wa which are hard to see in Jeju.

In addition, the cherry blossom procession is spread out over 1 km in Jeju National University entrance ramp. If you have time, you can take a stroll around Jeju University campus. In addition to the cherry blossoms, the Halla Arboretum with its wide variety of trees, and the picnic-friendly Shinshan Park are also famous places to enjoy the cherry blossoms of Jeju.

Cherry Blossoms in Jeju Cr.Visit .jpgCr. Visit


Jeju airport, by car 11 mins

Jeonnong big cherryblossom road, walk 15 mins

Three sacred holes, walk 9mins

Three sacred holes Jeju.jpgCr. Wikipedia

Sinsan park, by car 7mins

Jeju stadium, by car 20 mins

Jeju university entrance, by car 18 mins

Hanra arboretum


I wish upon a star… that I may delight someday in Korean Cherry Blossoms!

2019 7 1 Jung Il-woo in Cherry Blossom July! By Fan 13 3.JPG

2019 7 1 Jung Il-woo in Cherry Blossom July! By Fan 13 2.JPG

2019 7 1 Jung Il-woo in Cherry Blossom July! By Fan 13 1.JPG