Celebrating 13 years of Jung Il woo’s career. Year 3

Year 3

Year 3: Nov 6, 2008 – Nov 6, 2009

During year 3, Jung Il woo was happy when the first episode of his second drama “The Return of Iljimae” aired on January 21st of 2009, with a rating of 18.5% in all of South Korea!  This drama helped Jung II-woo not only grow as an actor but as a person as well.

Here is a video I made with the actress  Yoon Jin-seo who plays Dal-yi and Wol-hee singing one of the songs of the series: “The Place I dream of”  She has such a beautiful voice!  It includes all the beautiful scenes between her as Dal-yi and Iljimae.




2008 JIW Iljimae 4.jpg




Here is his first kiss on screen ever…  it parallels his real life’s first kiss in the sense that the first move was done by the girl… he is kissed by her.


He also meets another actress who would become what he has sometimes referred to as his only female friend…  Sandara Park (Dara).  The coming scene is very sweet:

2009 R O Iljimae Ep 7 92009 R O Iljimae Ep 7 Dara 12009 R O Iljimae Ep 7 192009 R O Iljimae Ep 7 34

And finally he ends up with the woman he would love for the rest of his life in this drama, the ever patient and loving Wol-hee.  This scene is one of my favorite love scenes filmed by Jung Il woo.  Now that I think about it, I think it’s because it is the only one of its kind!


Here are some Behind the Scenes Photos:

2009 Return Iljimae Cast & BTS 4.jpg

2009 Return Iljimae Cast & BTS 7.jpg

Gosh!  What a cutie!  And this one is hilarious:

2009 Return Iljimae Cast & BTS 12.jpg

Ha!  What a great capture!!!  He was so cold filming this drama, and he learned a lot as actor about being warm when filming a Saeguk (Historical Drama).

2008 Filming Iljimae JIW 5.jpg

2008 Filming Iljimae JIW 9.jpg

2008 Filming Iljimae JIW 2.jpg



During this time Jung Il woo appeared in Elle Girl Magazine:



2009 3 Elle Girl JIW 1.jpg2009 3 Elle Girl JIW 4.jpgellegirl-jungilwoo2ellegirl-jungilwoo22009 3 Elle Girl JIW 6.jpg1497742003.jpg2009 3 Elle Girl JIW 8.jpgTA_2009-03-0517-4-30-3.jpg


His second drama this year was “Take Care of the Lady.”  Sadly his character, Lee Tae-yoon, a Civil Rights Lawyer, was not well written, so when it came time for him to act it, he felt very lost at times. Still as hard working as he is, and such great actor… he managed to save the character and showed us a more mature Ilwoo.

2009 7 JIW LADY Poster 1.jpg

2009 7 JIW LADY Poster 2.4.jpg

2009 7 JIW LADY Poster 2.7.jpg

2009 7 JIW LADY Poster 5.jpg

2009 7 JIW LADY Poster 11.5.jpg



This is a Behind the Scenes video of the poster photo shoot… it is hilarious to watch Yoon Sang-hyun fooling around!  He is so playful!

And I really love this other photoshoot with roses:


I was inspired to make this video when I saw it…


Here are photos from the episodes:


IMG_4591.jpg2009 JIW TKOTYL X-1.jpg





And this part… episode 5?  Is one of my favorites in this drama… he sings without any music… Jung Il woo said, that it was hard for him to do this part… I thought he did such a great job…  IMG_5153.jpgIMG_5154.jpgIMG_5164.jpgIMG_5166.jpgIMG_5168.jpg


This is a pretty sweet music MV made by the a fan: xcoogoox:


This is a photo shoot from this time:

2009 7 JIW Blue Shirt 1.jpg

2009 7 JIW Blue Shirt 2.jpg2009 7 JIW Blue Shirt 7.jpg

2009 7 JIW Blue Shirt 6.jpg

2009 7 JIW Blue Shirt 9.jpg

2009 7 JIW Blue Shirt 12.jpg2009 7 JIW Blue Shirt 10.jpg

And an interview…

This year he also participated in the hilarious variety show called “Happy Together.”  It is so fun to watch this show and luckily a fan called “ah boo” translated them all to English!  Thank you!!!  This one is so funny… they are so open about farting!

Here are a few photos:

2009 8 19 JIW Happy Together 3.jpg

2009 8 19 JIW Happy Together 4.jpg

2009 8 19 JIW Happy Together 5.jpg

2009 8 19 JIW Happy Together 8.jpg

More?  You can see more of Happy Together HERE.

This year Jung Il woo endorsed the brand Nix Shoes.  These were the commercials:


2009 JIW NIX Shoes 4.jpg2009 JIW NIX Shoes 6.JPGtumblr_lqctbpcHBZ1qdq2xuo1_500.jpg2009 JIW NIX Shoes 1.jpg

2009 JIW NIX Shoes 19.jpg2009 JIW NIX Shoes 8.jpg

2009 JIW NIX Shoes:Jeans 12009 JIW NIX Shoes:Jeans 32009 JIW NIX Shoes:Jeans 2NIX9NIX31li1r55u2009 JIW NIX Shoes:Jeans 82009 JIW NIX Shoes:Jeans 112009 JIW NIX Shoes:Jeans 42009 JIW NIX Shoes:Jeans BTS 172009 JIW NIX Shoes:Jeans 5.5

During this year he also became an angel fro Innolife’s Love Exhibit:

2009 12 JIW Angel 1.jpg2009 12 JIW ANgel 2.jpg2009 12 JIW Angel 3.jpg

2009 12 JIW Angel 8.jpg