Celebrating 13 years of Jung Il woo’s Career. Year 2

Year 2

Year 2: Nov 6, 2007 – Nov 6, 2008

During year 2 started in the big screen with his second movie released on December 18, 2008.  “My Love” came with many fun events including a hugging event!  Yes!  Imagine standing in line knowing you would be hugging Ilwoo!  Here dream with some real inspiration:


This is the poster of the movie:

2007 Jung Il woo in a parody of the My Love Poster.jpg

Ha!  Isn’t that fantastic!  Credit to the great creator of this poster… found it in DCIlwoo. This is the original it was inspired on:

My Love 1.jpg

This is a very sweet music video promoting the movie:

And this one of the Press Conference where Jung Il woo delighted fans singing:

Here are some photos:

2007 Jung Il-woo BTS for the Press Conference of the movie My Love.2.jpg

2007 Jung Il-woo BTS for the Press Conference of the movie My Love.1.jpg

2007 Jung Il-woo at the Press Conference for the movie My Love.jpg

And a little clip from the movie:

And photos:

2007 JIW My Love 3.jpg

2007 JIW My Love 4.jpgI

He made a cameo appearance in Keu Keu Island:

2007 Jung Il woo in Keu Keu Island1.jpg2007 Jung Il woo in Keu Keu Island6.jpg2007 Jung Il woo in Keu Keu Island2.jpgfullsizephoto63392.jpg

He had the honor of carrying the Olympic Torch during its run in South Korea in route to the Beijing 2008 Olympics:

2008 JIW Olympic Bearer 4.jpg


In this year Jung Il woo entered Hanyang University. He had been a student at Seoul Institute of the Arts in Broadcasting, but dropped out after realizing he loved to act. He then enrolled in the Theater and Arts Department at Hanyang University.  He chose this school because of one teacher in particular. His name is Choi Hyun-in.


2008 3 3 Hanyang University Entrance 1.jpeg080303_hanyang-5.jpg080303_hanyang-7.jpg2008 3 3 Entrance Hanyang Xtra 5.jpg

2008 3 3 Entrance Hanyang Xtra 4.jpg

He had a cold on this day…

2008 3 3 Hanyang University Entrance 2.jpeg

He was in Vogue Magazine this year:








What a baby face!

And the last event for this year I will high light is the Love Kiss Campaign…

Love Kiss Campaign 1.jpg

Love Kiss Campaign 2.jpg