Celebrating 13 years of Jung Il woo’s career. Year 1

Year 1: Nov 6, 2006 – Nov 6, 2007

October 26, 2019

I’m so happy to do this… a recount of Jung Il-woo’s Career so far… it will be 13 years! 13!!!  I believe I meant to be here to celebrate this year with him!  Choosing what to highlight for every year was not easy at all… there is so much to choose from… but I tried to post some new things, that I even haven’t had the time to update… so get ready for a few surprises here and there!  So shall we begin?

Jung Il-woo debuted on November 6, 2016 as Lee Yoon-ho in the first episode of Unstoppable High Kick.  During his first year he filmed most of this sitcom and it catapulted him to fame.  His first movie “The World of Silence” where he played the role of young Ryu Jung-ho opened on December 14, 2006.

During this year he also did many, many product endorsements!  He won two Mnet’s 20’s Choice Awards: Best New Star and Drama Star Award.  What a way to debut!

Here is the summary of images and videos of his first year… Nov 6, 2006 – Nov 6, 2007.  Get ready to Delight and Delight!

The World of Silence


2006 Jung Il woo in The World of Silence. 2.jpg

Just found those!  I will add them to the original page for the movie!  These are all the parts where he acted in the movie!

Unstoppable High Kick

Almost impossible choosing a part in this sitcom… there are so many great moments radiating all kids of feelings… making the cake, dancing with his mom, having to deal with the favoritism of his smart brother, the ending…  how subtle the ending is… no big kiss, no touching, just the beautiful look between two people that love each other.  So here are some photos:

2006 Jung Il woo in High Kick.jpg2006 Jung Il woo in High Kick 2.jpg2007 HK Yoon-ho 4.jpg8f4666cd-08fd-46cf-b167-e790c4cf0aa0.jpgYoon-ho 4.PNGJunho on bike.jpg

2007 JIW HK Sleep series 1.jpg1509067105.jpg2007 HK Yoon-ho 10.jpg1491708340.jpg

I found these collages in DCIlwoo:

2007 JIW Collage 7.jpg

2007 JIW Collage 4.jpg

2007 JIW HK 2.jpg2007 JIW HK 8.jpg

I know… so beautiful!!!  All I have to say is that it was worth watching Ilwoo in every second of the 167 episodes!  I will share three more videos.  The first one is episode 72, “the cake” episode. The second one is a rarely posted NG one, and the third is one of the videos that made me fall deeper in love with Ilwoo… the final day of shooting…  he cries his heart out… watching him in this video and the way his sitcom parents try to comfort him always touches me deeply.

That pretty much sums up, how special being in this sitcom was for him.  He gained experience, fame and a friend he cares very much about: Na Mun-he.

Product Endorsements:




2007 Essor BTS 3.jpg

2007 Essor BTS 2.JPG2007 Essor BTS 15.jpg


2007 Essor BTS 10.JPG2007 Essor BTS 6.jpg2007 Essor BTS 1

Why am I so hot all of the sudden?  Geez…!  Here is the video where all these screen captures came from… thank you to all of the people who captured all these!


2007 UJIWP Beat up 1 .jpg

2007 UJIWP Beat up 2 .jpg

2007 Spasso Fall 4.jpg2007 Spasso Fall 2.jpg2007 Spasso Fall 3.jpg

Photo Shoot for Anan Magazine:



2007 2 Jung Il woo in Anan Magazine's Photo Shoot. 2.jpg

2007 2 Jung Il woo in Anan Magazine's Photo Shoot. 7.jpg2007 2 Jung Il woo in Anan Magazine's Photo Shoot. 3.jpg

2007 2 Jung Il woo in Anan Magazine's Photo Shoot. 14.jpg

2007 2 Jung Il woo in Anan Magazine's Photo Shoot. 16.jpg

2007 2 Jung Il woo in Anan Magazine's Photo Shoot. 25.jpg2007 2 Jung Il woo in Anan Magazine's Photo Shoot. 24.jpg

2007 2 Jung Il woo in Anan Magazine's Photo Shoot. 39

Mnet Awards:

Mnet-20s-choice 2-2007 8 21.jpg

Mnet-20s-choice 3.5-2007 8 21.jpgMnet-20s-choice 6-2007 8 21.jpgMnet-20s-choice 5-2007 8 21.jpgMnet-20s-choice 10-2007 8 21.jpg

Mnet Award 2007 4