49 Days (SBS) (49일)

2011 4 JIW 49 Days Epi 12 14

49 Days is a life vs. death drama about lovers who are separated by death and are given the chance to meet their loved ones again in life.  It is a drama that makes you think about the people you love, about who really loves you and about what happens after one dies.  Jung II-woo played the roles of “The Scheduler” and Song Yi-soo.

This I thought was fascinating…taken from Wikipedia:

49 Days explores interconnectedness of all things, such as fate, exorcism, and other spiritual topics. This TV series was inspired by the Korean Shamanism “Bardo” that a soul usually wanders the earth for 49 days and then moves on to the next life, thus frequently referencing relevant Buddhism (once a majority religion of Korea) ideas such as reincarnation and karma. Location names also have theological rhythm— such as Han Kang’s restaurant Heaven and Mountain Destiny, where Ji-hyun and Min-ho first meet. However, Christian themes like true love, forgiveness, resurrection, loving the enemy, and the quantity of three (reminiscent of the Trinity) are central to Ji-hyun’s obtaining the genuine tears. These themes are recurrently exploited throughout the drama under the manifestation of the relationships of the characters. When Ji-hyun asks whether the Scheduler is male, he answers that such discrimination is not practiced in the afterworld, a concept in Matthew 22:30. The Scheduler also mentions that “knock and the door will be opened to you,” echoing Matthew 7:7. The “unutterable secret of the heavens” (천기누설) that Scheduler speaks about is similar to the mysteries of the kingdom of God that “man is not permitted to tell” (2 Corinthians 12:4, Mark 4:11, Matthew 13:11). When Ji-hyun desperately prays to God to save her, her tear necklace attains Han Kang’s tear. God also has a tear-collecting bottle in Psalm 56:8. Ji-hyun’s last name, Shin (신), means “God” in Korean.”

General Credits:

Written by:  So Hyun-kyung                                                                                                  Directed by: Jo Young-Kwang                                                                                        Producer: Choi Moon-suk

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