Weibo July 3-4, 2012

맛있다 好吃~!哈哈^^我们明天见哦~

맛있다 delicious ~! Haha ^^ We see you tomorrow.

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2012.7.03 PM10:01

这样望着月亮.. 想起了月亮代表我的心那首歌…

Looking at the moon like this: I think of the moon, my heart, the song…


You ask how deep I love you….

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2012.7.04 AM 2:19



今晚,会有小惊喜哦~ 大大的期待也无妨!~

Tonight, there will be a small surprise Oh ~ great expectations are no harm! ~

2012.7.04 PM 6:08



In order to commemorate the award for the Young Asian Actor of the Year, I would like to send you a small surprise!

At 10 o’clock, I started the real-time question and answer session. You asked! I will answer!

2012.7.04 PM10:40


Just had to say after reading that last post… what a kind person he is!