Village Shop 마을애 가게 (Seezn-MBC every1)

Village Shop was a show created to bring some more love to the island of Gapado.   This island that very close to Jeju, has has been struggling to maintain economic and social progress for a long time.  In the 1970’s this island had a population of about 1000 people, and according to an article from the Korea Herald, the population had declined to barely 120 by 2018.

By hiring celebrities to this show, including Jung Il woo, this program called Village Shop or Village Love Shop created exactly that a restaurant run by celebrities.  Its hope is that it will attract more tourism to the island.  It is a noble enterprise and it is not surprising to see Ilwoo involved in it.  He and Lee Junhyeok decided to join together and then Ilwoo invited Kwon Yuri.  It was so great to see the reunited once more.  Jung Il woo was so involved in the show that he even went as far as getting most of the groceries to be able to create the many dishes we see them serve in the show.

This was the cast for the first season:

Jung Il Woo as the main chef /cook.

Lee Junhyeok as the photographer

Ji Sang Ryeol as a host

JooE as a host

Jung Gyu Woon as the visual artist

Kwon Yuri as a guest

Kia Jae Joong as a guest

Jin Hae Sung as a guest

Where to see this show:

Sadly only the first episode (Ilwoo is not in it) was posted in dramacool and they have never added the English subtitles.  Later on, a kind Ilwoolie that was able to download the episodes shared them with me (not English subtitled) and I posted them all in YouTube. (It was so great they allowed me to do it.)  HERE is the playlist with all the episodes.

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