Tweets from May 24, 2011

J_frog Jung il woo
아우랑 데이트중 ~ 오랜만에 아우랑 데이트 하니까 너무 좋네요!!!
그리고 대만 TRENDY 잡지 촬영중^^
5月24日 2:48 PM

J_frog Jung il woo
I have a date with my aunt ~ It’s so nice to have a date with my aunt after a long time!
And in Taiwan TRENDY magazine shooting ^^
May 24 2:48 PM



망고식스에서 인터뷰하시는 정일우씨입니다.
망고 딸기와 망고요거트 아이스크림 드셨네요~
통통튀는 타피오카와 같은 분이신것 같습니다.^^
5月24日 5:40 PM

I am Jeong Ilwoo who interviews Mangos Six.
Mango strawberries and mango yogurt ice cream.
It seems like someone like tapioca is splashing. ^^
May 24 5:40 PM


정일우씨와 함께 온 강아지 ‘아우’랍니다.1년된 강아지인데요~
함께 종종 다닌다고하네요~’아우’는 좋겠어요 ^^
5月24日 5:43 PM

It is a puppy ‘au’ that came with Jeong Ilwoo. It is a one year old puppy.
I often go with them ~ ‘Aw’ would be nice ^^
May 24 5:43 PM


J_frog Jung il woo
wow!!!! 감사합니다^^ 너무 잘 만들어주셨네요!
저도 이수와 이경이가 그리워요..
5月24日 10:28 PM

J_frog Jung il woo
wow !!!! Thank you ^ ^ You made me so good!
I also miss Isu and Lee Kyung-hee.
May 24 10:28 PM

Here he was referring a video you can see here.   (It’s like a Chinese YouTube, you have to wait like 30 sec of commercial for it to start but…it is so worth it!)